PSA: On-Leave ranks

As a small PSA, we just wanna take a sec to tell you guys about the “On-Leave” ranks so you’re not scratching your head now that someone has one.

“On-Leave” is a recent addition to Staff and Elder ranks to make it more obvious when one is temporarily stepping away from their responsibilities without fully stepping down. This comes with a notice to us and a permissible amount of time before the rank expires (which can be terminated early by the user,) by which then they’ll be subject to responsibilities and expectations of their rank once again.

Staff lose access to staff channels and Elders lose access to the Elder Lounge, as well as losing the original rank to prevent getting pinged by them should either role need to be pinged for something. This is to acknowledge that they’re currently on a break away from the rank as a whole with the expectation of returning by or before the time frame given to us. During On-Leave, please do not expect that user to assist you as their rank should.

While this change is meant to be used for people going on a break, it is not to be used by people who simply do not have the time to properly live up to their responsibilities here. Remember; YukkuriCraft is just a community, it should never take priority over IRL matters. There’s a difference between just needing a bit of time vs outright not having time for us and it’s entirely okay if the latter is the case, just don’t expect an indefinite On-Leave rank to compensate.

That should be all for now, take it easy!

TL;DR - On-Leave is a sub-rank that replaces Staff or Elder ranks for members temporarily stepping away from their duties. It’s to be used for short breaks and with the expectation of return, not as a perpetual license to hog the rank for people who can’t actually make time for YC period.