Brand new Dream Lab building in Kagome

HEY GAMERS so its. Close Enough across our player demographic to 12/2 so.

This has been in development since April last year, initially designed by yours truly, but! We’re thrilled to finally present you: THE SOMNICORP ™️ ice cream parlor DREAM LABS!

Just sleep in a SomniBed™️ and our SomniCorp™️ Patented Dreamlab Technology™️ will whisk you away to a co-op dreamscape carefully crafted by the finest denizens of Yukkuricraft: you guys! Everything you experience in the Dream World has been drawn from your collective subconscious minds and past memories! you consented to our data collection program after all :) /j

As you continue to create, play, explore future projects, and imagine, you may find your creations making a permanent home in your collective dreamscape! So come on by and rub your dream face all over this dream place

Stay tuned for future updates, -Birb