YukkuriCraft Paintball

Want to take a break from exploring Gensokyo, building, or surviving? Want to duel someone on some battlements or have a full out battle? Want to just destroy someone by throwing a snowball at them at high speeds? Or maybe you wish to see what fun minigame plugins YC has to offer. Well, come check out Paintball!

Yukkuricraft uses the Paintball minigame plugin by blablubbabc, which you can find here: This plugin lets players join a lobby where two or more players can face off against each other in a fun modified snowball fight in a variety of different arenas.

How to Play

Simply typing the command /pb join will send you to the lobby of the paintball world. It will ask that you clear your inventory before joining to avoid any potential inventory issues. We recommend you do this in a creative world to clear it faster.

Once at least two players are in the lobby simultaneously, the timer for the next round will start. The chat will display a list of 4 random arenas that all the players can vote for by typing /pb vote #. You can find other Paintball related commands by simply typing /pb.

When in a match, you will start with 50 snowballs that make a player lose a life when hit. Each player will normally have five lives, and the team with the most players remaining at the end will win the round.

Players are either put on a blue team or a red team. Players can also join a spectator team with /pb spec Doing this puts you in a neutral yellow team, and we ask that you don’t get in the way of the fights too much.

Ranking and Shop

The plugin has a ranking system based on points earned in matches. Points will increase your rank as you gain them, which grants access to new items and weapons you can purchase with the shop in each match. You can access the shop with the book from your inventory and spend cash, which you earn from killing opponents.

Shop items

Quantity Item Price
10x Balls 10$
50x Balls 50$
100x Balls 100$
1x Grendade Mark 2 15$
1x Grenade 20$
1x Concussion Nade 15$
1x Flashbang 15$
1x Rocket Launcher 20$
1x Mine 10$
1x Pumpgun 20$
1x Speed 20$
1x Shotgun 20$
1x Airstrike 80$
1x Orbitalstrike 80$
1x Turret 180$
1x Sniper 80$

Paintball Ranks

Rank Name Required points
1. Fairy 10
2. (9) 30
3. Human 75
4. Magician 175
5. Ghost 375
6. Vampire 750
7. Lunarian 1500
8. Youkai Exterminator 2750
9. ??? 5000
10. Gap Youkai 7500
11. Hakurei Miko 15000

Arena Maps

We use a variety of Touhou locations from our Gensokyo 2 map. Most customized for the experience of the minigame. Players have also created and submitted their own maps for the minigame as well.

If you would like to make a map for the paintball plugin, please notify staff and ask what is required. Generally, a balanced map with a spot for two teams to spawn in is the minimum threshold.