Staff Trainee program

Hello everyone! With everyone properly settled into the new year, we’re making another big move in the staff body to help further the community in growth and healthy change. Today’s move is a new program we’re going to be trying out called Staff Trainees.

The short version is, this is a restricted-perms temp-staff rank with a time limit. This is not opt-in, we still call the shots on who actually gets a try at this program, but it allows us to significantly broaden our scope on who is staff material. People that didn’t quite make the cut on blind trust can now prove themselves in a staff position and it’s a lot easier on us to suggest someone for staff as we can just line them up for a Trainee cycle.

The long version here will provide greater detail on the program; Trainees are, as stated, restricted-permissions temporary staff members. They aren’t aligned to a specific team (Mediator/Builder) and instead are encouraged to apply themselves where they see fit. As for the perms they do get, simple ones like timeout on Discord and vanish, tp, and Genso access on Minecraft. No loaded guns like kicking and banning though, this is a trial run. This program will last up to 3 months per cycle, once the time is up or we decide to wrap it up early, the Trainee is demoted back to their previous rank and we will properly discuss them and come to a consensus on whether to promote them or not. The rank they get is up to their choosing should they pass, and should they not we can always reconsider giving them another round down the line once we help guide them on what their shortcomings were.

That’s about all the info I can splurge out for today, we have three cycles lined up already with two trainees per cycle. I will be announcing the first two Trainees tomorrow and hopefully once these first sets are over, the staff team will get a significant boost in members! Thanks for reading and remember to take it easy, everyone~