PSA: A Line in the Sand

Hey everyone, rough post this time around.

For starters, we regret to inform that Wriggle has been temporarily banned from the Discord. This is in response to an incident that occured on the 21st. The reason this is being publically shared is because Wriggle is well known around the server and this case is rather high-profile. We’d prefer to remain transparent about a lot of things these days, especially something that can easily be misunderstood if we were to say nothing of it This post provides a nice opportunity to make a few reminders though, so let’s segue into a PSA;

As stated in my “change in standards” post, things that were once acceptable may no longer fly with us. A lot of internal things happened for us, YC as a whole has changed. Compare it now to this time last year, it’s always going to be drastically different no matter how far back you go. Given the leniency of older standards, most of you pretty much had infinite chances, but not these days. If the same name is going to keep showing up in staff chat, no matter how infrequent, we’re going to notice it eventually.

Next, YC isn’t the world. When Kritter left the server, it became really obvious that some people seem to forget this. You can still go and talk to people outside of the Discord, regardless of if they’re banned or have left. Please never assume that we’re dictating who you can and can’t have relations with, we merely govern our own spaces.

Finally, this point absolutely needs to be addressed; Even if something is contained in a small corner or just happens to a few people, it won’t stop a simple fact. If it happens on YC grounds, it is a YC staff concern. For the most part, we won’t feel the need to butt in. Most of you are fully capable of resolving things on your own. However, repeat offenses or exceedingly bad events will be met with administrative action. This is something you should expect from any community.

I know, this is a shitload of text, and it absolutely contains rough news. But we’re hoping that our continued efforts of transparency can stop any misunderstandings. This ban is easily one of the hardest ones we’ve had to endure in some time. Please understand that when it comes to community members, ones that have their place here, banning is absolutely the last thing we ever want to resort to. But it’s a necessity, we’re going to have to draw the line somewhere.

If you’re bummed out about this, so are we, but that should be about it for this wall of text. It’s long enough as-is, so I’ll let you get back to what you were doing before.

TL;DR - Wriggle has been temporarily banned from the Discord. With this comes a few reminders to the community; our standards have changed in recent times, so you no longer get infinite chances to end up on our radar. YC isn’t the entire internet, if someone leaves or gets banned they’re not blacklisted by their ISP. You can still go talk to them on your own time. Finally, even if a situation is contained to a small group, it’s still a problem if it’s on YC grounds. We’re just doing what we can to try and keep the community at its best, please understand our efforts as such.