PSA: Temp Builder

Hi Koko here with a quick PSA about Temp Builder. While one of the general rules on the community is to not ask for promotions. There is an exception to that rule.

If you didn’t know, you can ask for Temp Builder. Temp Builder is a rank for those who want to actively contribute to Gensokyo. Benefits from this rank grants you the power to edit Gensokyo, allow you to use world edit/voxel (if you ask for World Edit/Voxel), and gives you powers of teleportation.

While you can ask for this rank, you won’t always be given it. You will always be told why you were not given it. The most common reason is that you’re a relatively new face and we just need to see you around more in order to trust you with the powers Temp Builder comes with.

Having Temp Builder does not mean you will eventually become Builder. Becoming a Builder has a higher set of requirements than becoming a Temp Builder.

That being said if you’re interested in becoming a temp just ask any staff member. As long as you have the drive your rank and building skill does not matter. Hopefully this PSA clears up any confusion on the Temp Builder rank.