PSA: New Discord Rule-set

Heya everyone!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally getting around to the VC wild west of Yukkuricraft. The current environment definitely hearkens back to the Mumble days. Unfortunately, that uncontrolled environment doesn’t keep up with our modern standards and we don’t really have the means to do much about it as-is. The biggest problem is a lack of rules to maintain the voice channels, as you know our Discord ruleset only has two rules.

Well, we’re changing it to five proper rules now. These should address common problems in VC and give staff the ability to smooth things out. This, of course, puts a higher standard on our staff to follow the rules themselves, so understand if we ourselves might slip up early on. Change always needs adjustment and we’re not gonna come out the gate hammers ready lmao. The old DR1 is removed outright and replaced with four new rules that cover actual issues, while the old DR2 is now just DR5.

Review the new rules and keep 'em in mind going forward, we’ll understand if there’s a hiccup but after a while everyone’s expected to follow suit. Many of you have been asking for VC changes and these rules are the first step towards 'em. That’s about all for now, take it easy~