PSA: Addressing a Change in Standards

After a recent incident, it’s come to my attention that the community was never properly informed or given a heads-up about something, so here’s a PSA to do so;

As some of you know, staff have underwent massive internal changes for a while now. This included a large amount of members retiring, rules being completely overhauled, ranks being cleaned up (Mediator/Builder finally have equal perms, Lead titles actually do something, etc.) One thing that never got clarified is these changes in standards and quality are not staff-exclusive. This also applies to the community.

What I mean with that is, we’re not just expecting ourselves to do better; you guys also need to keep up. Most of you do so already, but there are some cases of users that are entirely too comfortable and don’t seem to fully understand that YC now is not YC five years ago. We’ve changed, we expect the same change from those who reside here. No beef towards you guys, this is all recent work and it’s honestly our bad for not sharing this heads-up earlier. Sorrymasen.

We’re not going to purge the server of any and all fun and make it squeaky clean to appeal to visitors, but we have been (and will continue to) crack down on the notably louder cases. This doesn’t mean if you so much as even think about us wrong, we’ll kick your door down, but if your name keeps popping up because you’re pissing every other person off, we will investigate and intervene where appropiate.

So, if it comes down to it that staff have to come and issue a warning or worse, please don’t go feral against us. This isn’t a private skype group of a buncha horny teens giggling over the fact we have Youmu porn as an advertisement. Work with us so we can reach that sacred middle ground of keeping true to our identity without closing ourselves off from the world, please. Re-read our rules if need be, they’re actual rules now. That should be about it, sorry for yet another big-block PSA lul. Take it easy~

TL;DR - YC has underwent huge changes regarding quality and standards lately, but it seems we never told the community about this. It means that our bar for what’s acceptable behavior has been raised, so please work with us if we have to intervene on what was previously acceptable.