• Katrix

    Trainees program has concluded for now

    The trainee program has concluded for now, and we have 5 new staff members.

  • Teshno

    PSA: Accountability, Responsibility, and Consequence

    A short announcement to clarify personal accountability for actions in our community.

  • Cyros

    A Well Deserved Rest

    I'm retiring from staff.

  • Teshno

    Staff Trainee program

    A new temp-staff rank that acts as a proving grounds for future staff nominations.

  • Remi

    Planned Server Downtime - 2022/01/08

    The server rack is taking a roadtrip!

  • Remi

    New admins

    Welcome Luna and Koko as admins

  • Remi

    Gensokyo v3 Trailer Released!

    New Genso v3 trailer is live and a reminder that the map is open to the public on our server!

  • purpleFinatic

    1.16 Update

    Server has been updated to 1.16.

  • Remi

    Server Hardware "Upgrades"

    Jank Shelf TM is now a full rack enclosure!

  • Teshno

    PSA: A clear definition of "NSFW"

    As with many changes from our old ways, here's a better explanation of what is and isn't acceptable outside of NSFW areas.

  • Katrix

    Second Music Quiz

    We're holding another Touhou music quiz on March 7th at 00:00 UTC (March 6th at 19:00 EDT)

  • Remi

    Server Hardware Upgrades

    New server hardware installed!

  • Teshno

    PSA: New Discord Rule-set

    We changed our old Discord rules because they didn't give staff any means to maintain a good vc environment. These new rules should give the community a clear standard to follow and staff the ability to handle troublemakers.

  • Teshno

    PSA: A Line in the Sand

    A reminder of a few things to go along with some bad news, something we didn't want to do but had no other choice.

  • Koko

    PSA: Temp Builder

    A quick clarification on Temp Builder rank and how to become one

  • Remi

    Server Operational Again

    Server is Back Up and Operational

  • Remi

    Extended Server Outage

    ISP is experiencing widespread outage affecting our server

  • Remi

    DNS Migration Finished

    We've finished doing DNS migrations that have moved around our domain/subdomains a bit.

  • Teshno

    PSA: Addressing a Change in Standards

    Our recent internal workings amongst Staff have raised our standards, both for ourselves and for the community.

  • Katrix

    Yukkuri Showdown 2

    We're holding another Touhou 12.3 tournament.

  • Remi

    Our sysadmin Tsunko has stepped down