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  • Remi


    Hi, Remi here. I've been around the Touhou Minecraft communities for about a decade now and helped found Yukkuricraft. These days, I mostly work on the tech side of things along with the help of a team of amazing staff. I'm not as responsive on Discord as some others, but feel free to shoot me a message if you ever have questions! (Remi#5619)

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    • Remi_Scarlet Remi_Scarlet
    • DivineAquaSama DivineAquaSama
    • 7h3d4rkw0lf 7h3d4rkw0lf
    • Kanzaki_Ranran Kanzaki_Ranran


  • KokoNuttz


    Hi I'm Koko. I'm an Admin on Yukkuricraft. I basically make sure the temp builders and the builders are doing their jobs. Along with that, I would say I'm one of the driving forces behind Gensokyo 3 (still a W.I.P). If you ever want to work on Gensokyo don't feel afraid to step up. It doesn't matter if you're good or not good at building there's a place for everyone in the project here. Anyways, if you're ever interested in working on Gensokyo or becoming a Temp Builder just ask me or one of the builders! \o/

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    • KokoNuttz KokoNuttz
  • Luna


    Hello, I am Luna. I'm in charge of the mediator team in Yukkuricraft. I love flowers, cuddles, things that shine in the night sky, and just having fun. You'll see me swing by the server to check up on what may be going down, build something in creative or for Gensokyo, or simply hang out. Feel free to message me if you need any help on the server or if you just want to chat.

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    • Trista_Lundin Trista_Lundin
  • Teshno


    Heya, I'm the local nyadmin Teshno. For the most part, I lurk around and try to remain playful and friendly, but I won't hesitate to deal with troublemakers, so please remain on your best behavior. I strive to keep our community moving forward, so I do what I can to oversee the server and its staff. If you need to ask me anything, I'm open for DM's. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy your stay~!

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    • Teshno Teshno


  • Katrix


    Hi, I'm Katrix, the one that deal with the daily technical side of YukkuriCraft. Whether it's server plugins, the Minecraft version of the server or this website you're looking at right now. I'm the one that for the most part deals with it. I rarely peek out of my lurker den, but just tag me and I'll answer your question.

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    • Kogasa_Tatara Kogasa_Tatara
    • Clownpiece_ Clownpiece_
    • Komeiji_Satori Komeiji_Satori
    • Okina_Matara Okina_Matara


  • Alorai


    Zip zap. Hello! Name's Aloraichium_Z, but folks here generally call me Alorai. I do a lot of illager raids, mining, and just mainly slacking around when nothing happens much. Oh, I wield a squeaky banhammer! For the most part, just have a good time, chat with me if you wish, and do not do anything too stupid!

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    • Aloraichium_Z Aloraichium_Z
  • Tony


    Hey, TexasTony here. I'm one of the Mediators on the server and deal with moderating and helping the community. I enjoy building and occasionally help out with official server builds, such as Paintball and Gensokyo. I'm also the only Mediator to be situated near SEA, so if you're a player from that region, you'll most likely be encountering me quite a lot. If there's any questions or issues, feel free to notify me, I'll be happy to help. Enjoy your stay and remember to take it easy! P.S. As contrary to popular belief, no, I am not from Texas.

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    • TexasTony TexasTony
  • Mori


    Hey, I'm Mori017. (or Mori for short!) I am a community mediator, and though you don't see me often... I can ensure you that I am watching over you. Not as a figure you should be intimidated by, but as somebody that you can turn to when you have an issue! I am almost constantly active on the Discord server, so feel free to shoot a DM about asking for help anytime!

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    • Mori017 Mori017
    • NanaseRena NanaseRena
  • Sei


    Hello! I'm Sei. Some also considered me as Kokoro the mask menreiki of YukkuriCraft. I enjoy doing vanilla survival, to the point that I know many obscure mechanics that not many does. I sometimes do redstone, but I'm more of a researcher than an inventor. I'm situated in SEA, but if you need me, feel free to leave a message anytime. I'll try and get back to you if I'm not busy with work or sleep.

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    • Seishishou Seishishou
  • Ice


    Hello there~! I'm Ice, a mediator. While I'll usually help out with any queries, I'm not often around on the server - I do build map art in my own free time, though. That said, I'm more easily contactable via Discord (tag's Ice~#8207), so pop me a message if you need to.

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    • IceCrasher150 IceCrasher150


  • qscgukp


    Hello I am qscgukp or qsc, iku, quasi etc. I am a builder here on Yukuricraft. I am willing to help anyone out who needs it so if I’m online and you need anything let me know.

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    • qscgukp qscgukp
  • Redleaf64


    I'm Redleaf, an old builder of the server. I'm a builder for Gensokyo and other things, manager of the paintball minigame, and weird artist person. When on the server I'm probably working on things, in survival, or just hanging around. I'm usually around on discord too so if you have questions regarding Genso or anything else feel free to ask.

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    • Redleaf64 Redleaf64
  • Birb


    Hi! I'm Birb, a builder on YukkuriCraft! I like Warframe, music things, and shenanigans with people \o<o/ if you want to hang out on the server, or just chat, don't be afraid to say hey!

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    • wanderingAviator wanderingAviator
  • Purp


    Hey yall! I'm Purp, another builder on YukkuriCraft! I'm Birb's twin, so if you see one of us online, the other probably won't be very far away. I like vibing with people, Warframe, drawing, and a wide variety of other things! Feel free to come hang out if you want!

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    • purpleFinatic purpleFinatic
  • Benji


    Heya, I'm Benji, a builder and fall vibes enthusiast. I'm very creatively driven, a bit of an oddball, and very fond of puns; if I can use any of that to make folks smile, well that'll be just great. In my spare time I enjoy fantasy games and novels, drawing, cooking, and designing video games of my own! I might be a bit shy initially, but don't let that stop ya from saying hello!

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    • BenjiPM BenjiPM
    • cranialGore cranialGore
  • Nick


    Hey, This is Nick! I'm part of the builder team of Yukkuricraft. I love anything that sparks my creativity, especially building in Minecraft (duh), role-playing, cooking and music. I've been around since 2014 so if you need any sort of guidance or help with anything, feel free to talk to me, I don't bite... usually, I'm always up for meeting new people. Anyway, hope to see you around!

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    • Nickstel Nickstel
    • Eiki_Shiki Eiki_Shiki
    • Haniyasushin Haniyasushin