PSA: Accountability, Responsibility, and Consequence

Hey guys! We’re back with another Big-Ass-Wall-Of-Text PSA for you all, this time addressing accountability for your own actions.

You see, we’ve had a couple cases now where someone seems to either be completely and utterly oblivious to their actions or, in worse scenarios, fake a mental illness or blame it on something instead of taking the responsibility themselves. I’ll circle back to these cases later, but I just want to make the point clear now; You are responsible for your own actions. There is no beating around the bush here, there’s no real exceptions to this, if you do something in our servers you are the one held responsible for it and any consequences are dealt to you accordingly.

If you felt pressured, if you were drunk or high, if you were stressed out of your mind by unrelated stuff, if someone just struck a nerve in you, if something was going wrong mentally, or for any number of other reasons, you are still accountable for your own actions. You can’t even blame age on this, if you’re old enough to meet our 13-or-over age requirement, you’re old enough to take responsibility for what you do here. If someone else is forcing your hand or pushing your limits, please come to staff instead of trying to resolve it yourself if you believe it will cause the issue to worsen. We’re here to help first, punish second, but unfortunately most people end up making the problem worse and in turn, this makes them part of said problem.

As for faking mental illness, this was a particular case that sparked such a PSA and it’s absolutely condemnable to do this. If you’re caught faking a mental illness or making light of them, you will be punished accordingly. No exceptions on this one. No one finds your “i have tourettes fuck fuck shit fuck ass cunt <35 n-bombs>” schtick funny and no one finds your fake DID roleplay characters cute either. Overall, just take responsibility for what you do, both here and in life.

That should be all, take it easy!