Second Music Quiz

On March 7th at 00:00 UTC (March 6th at 19:00 EDT) we’re holding a Touhou music quiz. I will play increasingly long pieces of touhou tracks, and you will guess the track being played. Depending on how good your guesses are, points will be given out. If you participated last time it will be very similar. The winner gets one month of free Discord Nitro.

I’ll be playing tracks from all the mainline Touhou games, and all manner of track types as well, not just boss themes. There will also be some tracks not found directly in the Touhou games (but still Touhou related).


The quiz is made up of a bunch of rounds. Each round, you can earn a set of points. The winner is the one at the end with the most points once we have gotten through all the rounds.

A single round

The round starts with me playing a short clip of a Touhou theme. After some time, I play a slightly longer one, and then after that, an even longer one. Then at the end, I play the longest clip, which is usually from a different place in the song. The clips are generally, but not always, 3, 5, 10, and 15 seconds long. These clips normally come from the same part of the song, but in some cases they might also come from different places. If no one answers for a given amount after the last clip has played, I post the correct answer, and the quiz moves on to the next round.


There are two things you can earn points for when a track is playing. Where the track is found, and what the name of the track is. The number of points given is:

  • 1 point : Where the track is found.
  • 2 points: Part of the name of the track, but not all of it.
  • 3 points: The complete name of the track. If anyone gets this point, the one above is not granted.

If the track is not from one of the games, where the track is found refers to the album or similar it’s found on.


So the chat room doesn’t become a screaming match, you have to write the answer in the chat channel. Both points are always available. If someone posts the name of the track, you can still say where it’s found and get a point. Same for the opposite situation. You can write both answers in the same message.


First hint:

Suspicions arise:

Some people know the answer:

Mad dash towards the finish line:

Here are some answers for the above clip and their worth in points.

  • 1 point: Touhou 13 final boss theme. Miko boss theme
  • 2 points: True Administrator, Shoutoku Legend
  • 3 points: Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator, Shoutoku Legend True Administrator