A tour of Survival


A tour of Survival

Our separate survival world provides a vanilla Minecraft experience, combined with unique aspects such as features, public farms, community-driven towns, and ships between these locations. From easy teleportation to large cities, we promise you will have a survival experience like no other within our server and community!

Your first day

Kagome arrival

It’s your first day in survival. What is there to do? Maybe you want to build a home somewhere, or perhaps you’re just sightseeing. Either way, doing it will be easy.

Kagome island

Start your journey on Kagome island, a small starting town filled with public farms, a community market, and fast travel to the most major towns around our survival world. We also give you the choice to leave the island by vanilla means if that is what you want instead.

The towns of survival

Some players have done exceptional work in either rallying fellow players or solo building massive builds in the form of towns. Curious about some of them, want to visit? You can instantly reach some towns via boats or airships, located respectively at Kagome’s naval and airport docks. More information can be found in their respective sections further below on this page.

Hassle-free land claiming

Once you’ve found the perfect place for your new home, the next step is to build it. In our survival, land claiming does not require any border plotting or technical commands. Players are free to settle anywhere as long as it is not within or too close to an obvious claimed land border.

Secure your chests

Our chest locks give players a safe and secure way of accessing their containers. Locks are also fully customizable, such as allowing access only to a select group of people.

Set your homes

No need to stress about finding your way back home when going on an adventure! Each rank comes with several personal warps called homes that you can easily set with commands. These allow instantaneous teleportation, even between worlds, whenever and wherever. The number of homes you can have is based on your rank and is typically between 3 and 10.

Loot reclamation made easy

No one likes having to backtrack all the way to their death point should misfortune befall them during an adventure. Here, all ranks have unlimited access to the /return or /back command. This command allows teleportation to one’s previous death point or other places you have previously teleported from.

Be social

Chat features

Being social through text alone is hard, but we try to make it easier. Using things like commands to show your emotions, custom nicknames, and cross-platform communication, connecting with the rest of the community is a walk in the park.

Meet up with people anytime and anywhere

Made a friend here and want to visit their place on the other side of the map? Teleportation commands allow players to teleport to one another instantly anytime.

A better chat

Being social through text alone is hard, but we try to make it easier. Want to show some emotions? Our large pool of commands can undoubtedly help with that. From pats to hugs and more, we probably have it. Note that for the comfort of everyone, we lock some actions behind higher ranks.

Not entirely happy with your username? Getting a nickname is super easy. Just notify one of our friendly staff members, and should it pass the approval phase, you can go around in style with your new nickname! Need to do something? Dropped off? Set yourself to AFK to notify other players that you are not present.

Simple cross-platform communication

Jumping between Discord and Minecraft all the time can indeed be a hassle. Maybe you don’t want to play Minecraft but just want to talk with the people on the server. Both are made easier by our two-way Discord-Minecraft chat. Furthermore, discord users can even check who is online by typing in “playerlist”!

Event items

Occasionally we may hold special events. One of the rewards we may give to all participants of these events are unique items only obtainable through commands.


Found a seemingly abandoned build you want to claim? Contact a staff member about Remicare. Do note this policy of claiming unwanted builds comes with requirements, mainly the original owner’s rank, a three-month period of staff recognized inactivity and a reasonable reason for the Remicare.

More features for survival

Misc craftbook features

Vanilla is fun, but sometimes, you just wish you had a bit more. No need to worry; we use several plugins to implement a vanilla+ like experience.

Sign based doors, gates, bridge, elevators, and more

No time for fancy redstone based contraptions? In survival, you can use signs as doors, gates, bridges, and even elevators! You can also use signs to toggle between torches and redstone torches.

Better redstone

If you do want to work with redstone, don’t be alarmed. We have several quality-of-life features to make your life easier as well! Some examples here are using coals to measure redstone power and redstone based jukeboxes. There is also the option of better control over lighting. Turn glass to glowstone and pumpkins to jack-o-lanterns with some redstone just as easily as you power a normal lamp. You can even turn the fire on a netherrack block on and off.

Display your heads

Everyone knows the best way to brag about your skills is a fine collection of heads belonging to slain mobs. Killing mobs, including players, have a small chance of dropping their heads for collection.

A more immersive experience with furniture

Need a rest or want to read some books? Right-click a stair block to sit down and activate its regenerative health properties or pick up a random book passage from a bookshelf!

Fewer chores, more fun

Some things in Vanilla just feels like a drag. For example, finding just the right painting more your room. On YukkuriCraft, you can just right-click on the painting instead to scroll through different paintings. Copying and editing signs is another painful experience. If you want to copy a sign here, just right-click it with an ink sac. If you instead want to edit it, just use the /sign edit command.

Mass deforestation imminent

Trying to gather wood but sick of climbing up trees to get those last few pesky blocks? Or you just dislike people who leave half floating trees? Either way, players can use a gold axe to cut down all logs in contact with each other instantly.