The largest english Touhou Minecraft server.

Server IP: mc.yukkuricraft.net

MC Version: 1.14 - 1.16

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Who are we

Yukkuricraft is the online community that brought you a fully explorable rendition of Gensokyo of Touhou Project fame in Minecraft! Our Gensokyo project is a community-led effort - we welcome all players to join the fun!

Latest announcements

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    Server Hardware Upgrades

    New server hardware installed!

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    PSA: New Discord Rule-set

    We changed our old Discord rules because they didn't give staff any means to maintain a good vc environment. These new rules should give the community a clear standard to follow and staff the ability to handle troublemakers.

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    PSA: A Line in the Sand

    A reminder of a few things to go along with some bad news, something we didn't want to do but had no other choice.

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`-=[[YukkuriCraft! v1.14 - v1.16]]=-`

Players: 4 / 666

  • Nazrin Nazrin
  • TexasTony TexasTony
  • Aloraichium_Z Aloraichium_Z
  • qscgukp_iku qscgukp_iku

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Contact Us

Honestly, there isn't much to say. This is Remi_Scarlet's contact information. Contact me with your preferred method.

  1. Email: remi (@) yukkuricraft.net
  2. Discord: Remi#5619
  3. Steam: Mr. Bromilia Amatsukaze Scarlet

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