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Thread: Goodbye for now

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    Goodbye for now


    You guys know me, local jackass nuclearblt. I just had some things happen that are really urgent and will probably drain the life and soul from my body. I'm leaving YC to take care of them.

    I have a few unfinished projects that need to be done. Of course you are not obligated to take it if you choose not to. For the SDM, I want Shimitty and Koko to take that over for me, you two are my right hand people assuming I had two right hands. For great fairy tree I want TR and the twins to take it.

    Sorry if nothing makes sense in this post I'm writing this right before I get a plane ride back to Asia.

    Tldr: I need to go and I'm asking some people to finish some builds for me

    I will be back,

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    We'll be waiting, I hope everything turns out ok nuclear and we look forward to seeing you back once you have this taken care of

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