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    I believe that my appreciation for butts came some time during high school. Certainly my budding libido went all sorts of hay-wire in middle school, but an attraction to the butt of a girl didn't begin till high school when girls seemed a bit more inclined to acknowledge the perceived attractive qualities of their rear ends themselves. Some tweaks in style and volume of clothing shifted the previously dismissed area into focus with potentially enticing curves and the appeal of softness. As for why one might be attracted I feel as if there is a similar attraction in breasts. Barring sexual exploits of either part of the body, they serve little functional purpose for the man, leaving little purpose other than what we remember of them. Breasts, first and foremost are what many children are fed from in their early years, leading to an innate desire for them that lingers for some degree of time, never leaving in many cases. The butt, while more firm, possesses similar qualities to the breast; firm but pliable, warm, tender un-weathered skin. The butt also is very close to the vagina, which is the ultimate goal for many men's personal interactions with women whether they know it or not.

    Ultimately, there is little to gain from the butt, but much to enjoy in a nostalgic sense. It is soft and nice to hold, and has an appealing, round shape that "looks right" because it is such a familiar anatomical structure.
    I gazed up at the sable-haired maiden with eyes so full of warmth it appeared she was crying silently. My trecherous mouth opened, "Why do you look so troubled, Princess?"

    Slowly, she moved her eyes from the moon to me. She studied my imperfections before her for what seemed to be a blissful eternity before gracing me with her voice, "I've slain this land's only prince. What use, now, is a princess?"

    As the maiden left my presence, so too did my heart.

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    very nice

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