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  • Nuclearblt
    I need to try this for myself, but I'm so lazy D:

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  • WriggleRid3r
    It's about time I got to making bent arms for every character in touhou walfas.

    Meh maybe later

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  • Kristia
    no no, what I mean is that, even though it took you pretty good time, you made it look as if it is a normal thing you can do.

    I know I suck at doing things like that (best editing job is this and was in paint)


    that took me 5 hours

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  • 99465
    Originally posted by Kristia View Post
    IŽll be damned, you make it look so simple Leon.
    Simple is a big word that had 2 hours of posting on DA and YC.
    I'm not sure how long making took, but since the first unedited picture was made 3 days ago, I'm just gonna say it took a while.
    The comic only explains a simple part tho, so that's why it's seen as simple.
    But if you grab all the time needed, it doesn't sound so simple anymore.
    Even the picture down in my signature took about 15 minutes if I remember correctly.

    Also a thing to note is that I make things without prior planning.
    I only think about these two things:
    •Ah, so this is what it's about (how to make dynamic poses);
    •Ah, so this is who's in it (the Scarlet sisters, Sakuya and Celina (OC)) (Celina wasn't even decided at first, I was going to use a box voice at first);
    The rest is all thought up while I'm Walfassing.
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  • Kristia
    IŽll be damned, you make it look so simple Leon.

    That was a nice tutorial comic too

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  • 99465
    started a topic Walfas help

    Walfas help

    Hi guys,
    As I haven't had much of a chance yet to work on the giant walfas picture (not getting enough people who want to be on there.) I decided to make to make a little comic about how to actually do walfassing, but there's a little twist in the comic: The character in question is aware of what's happening!
    This first one is about moving arms, even though a comic about how to make a basic thing, but that will be made later and it may or may not be a video.
    So without further wasting, here's the comic:

    It was a peaceful day.
    The sisters of Scarlet were sitting on the balcony.
    The one watching over her land, the other playing a game.

    Spoiler: page 1

    After some time, the younger sister got thirsty.
    Only slightly looking up as to not lose sight of her game, she asked her older sister:
    "Onee-san? Can you get Sakuya to bring us some tea please?"
    The elder sister then replied: "Of course, Flandre."

    Spoiler: page 2

    The younger sister then smiled and returned all of her attention to her game.
    The older sister then summoned some sort of magic orb and spoke: "Sakuya? Two tea please."
    Through the magic orb you could hear a voice, replying: "Of course, my lady."
    This voice belonged to the head maid of the two sisters.

    Spoiler: page 3

    The older sister then lowered her arms and as soon as she blinked, the scenery turned grey.
    No move was to be seen and no sound was to be heard, aside from light footsteps, coming from inside.
    The head maid had stopped time as to minimize the waiting time for the two sisters.
    She walked onto the scene, holding two cups of tea.

    Spoiler: page 4

    As Sakuya, the head maid, was about to put down the tea, loud running could be heard.
    Even when ignoring the stopped flow of time, the running instantly turned into a great scream: "WAIT!!!!!"
    The maid was surprised, for normal people usually don't have the ability to move while time was stopped.
    The maid stumbled while trying to keep the cups of tea from falling.

    Spoiler: page 5

    As the maid regained her stance, the blonde started yelling at the maid:
    "Are you really just going to give them to your masters with THAT pose!?"
    The maid, not knowing what was going on, simply stood still, staring at the blonde girl.

    Spoiler: page 6

    The maid then tried to ask the blonde girl how she was moving, but was cut off:
    "Wait... How are you-" "I would've never guessed I would need to explain this to someone of YOUR type."
    The maid, as a result, became even more surprised at the blonde girl.

    Spoiler: page 7

    The maid suddenly felt light headed and, when looking down, noticed she was actually floating.
    The blonde then started to give some kind of explanation: "First, take your character apart, so you have a head and a body, but no arms."
    "Then, insert the various arms and items through the 'object' menu in your menu."
    After saying this, the maid became even more frightened, as her head had been separated from her body by an unknown force, while her arms and the tea were floating around the body.
    Out of shock, the maid exclaimed: "What in Remilia's name is happening?!"

    Spoiler: page 8

    The blonde, not shocked in the slightest, continued talking: "Then place them in the position you want. Usually the body is frontmost, then the arms, then the head." "In this case, she'll be placing the tea down as a PROPER maid would do."
    The maid, now put back together again, was forcefully moved by an invisible force as if she were putting tea on a table, while holding the other cup of tea in the air.
    The maid, still shocked, thought to herself: "How is she moving my body?! That's against Gensokyo's spellcard rules."

    Spoiler: page 9

    The blonde then turned away from the maid and started talking yet again:
    "Just be sure to move the limbs whenever it feels needed, else it would be weird." "I hope you guys learned from this little adventure."
    The maid, now in a fit of anger, slowly managed to turn her head toward the blonde and got ready to exclaim something: "You... just g-"

    Spoiler: page 10

    The maid finally managed to grasp enough strength to yell at the top of her lungs: "GO TO HELL!"
    But she didn't notice that time had started flowing again.
    The two Scarlet sisters were shocked by their elegant maid, who they, as always, couldn't hear coming, because time was stopped.

    Spoiler: page 11

    The sisters then turned their heads toward the maid, as the older sister asked: "Excuse me?"
    The maid then looked back at the sisters with a face of fright, thinking: "Oh no... Time unfroze! And that blonde disappeared with it..."
    The three were then staring at each other for a while.

    Spoiler: page 12

    The maid then tried to explain the situation, but she was interrupted by the younger sister, who suddenly turned back towards her sister, exclaiming something she noticed:
    "I... I'm..." "Onee-chan! Sakuya moved her arms! She finally moved them!"
    The older sister, then looking at the maid's body, then replied: "You're right, Flandre." "Now that I think about it, I never saw her move her arms from her body before."

    Spoiler: page 13

    The young sister then followed to exclaim: "Yay! Sakuya overcame her mental block!"
    The older sister then congratulated the maid: "Good job, Sakuya"
    The maid, who was yet again in shock, thought to herself: "Did they... forget what I yelled because my arms moved?"
    The maid then put down the cup of tea intended for the younger sister.

    Spoiler: page 14

    The maid then walked towards the older sister, handing her some tea: "Your tea, my lady."
    The older sister then replied: "Thank you."
    As the maid handed the tea to her master, the thanked the blond girl: "Thank you, random blonde."
    The younger sister was already concentrating on her game, saying out loud how far she was: "Okay! Only two spellcards left to beat."

    Spoiler: page 15

    The older sister was drinking her tea and the younger sister was concentrating on her game: "DIE YOU STU-"
    As the maid was ready to walk back inside, she stopped time and when she turned around, she noticed the blonde girl again.
    The blonde girl then said to the maid: "Well then. What do we say when someone helped you?"
    The maid then got angry and started throwing out her spellcards, while exclaiming: Get the hell out of my stopped time world!"
    The maid launched "Sakuya's World"; [Illusion Sign] "Killing Doll"; [Silver Sign] "Silver Bound" and [Watch] "Luna Dial" all at the same time.
    The blonde was certainly not going to get away without major damage.

    Spoiler: page 16

    I hope you guys found this little instruction hidden inside this comic was useful to you guys.
    If anyone has anymore questions, feel free to ask.

    Spoiler: how I did a cheat-y edit in page 3
    To make sure Sakuya was in the box correctly, I had to make use of after editing:
    Spoiler: the speech box

    Spoiler: Sakuya

    I made a new layer in Manga Studio (the program I use to edit pictures) and grabbed a Sakuya (I had to remove all stuff from around her).
    I then put her over the box and erased what wasn't needed.
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