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People can break fire in Gensokyo.

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    People can break fire in Gensokyo.

    I was strolling along in Voile with Cyros and found out it was darker than usual. Then realized most the the hopper fires were unlit.

    Last edited by KokoButtz; 03-23-2017, 02:21 PM.

    I submitted a proper bug report. This should be resolved soon. Strange how we never picked up on this...
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      It's actually been a thing even before I was staff if I remember correctly.
      I remember being a noob wondering around in Voile and I thought to myself. "I wonder if I can break this fire?" I was able to. After that I freaked out on how to put the fire back. \o/

      I'm surprised this is like the first time someone griefed with it.