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Subterranean Animism Plans!

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    Subterranean Animism Plans!

    Layout of SA is mapped at
    X: 614
    Y: 53
    Z: -7374
    There is a legend on the wool color on top of the layout.

    This is the reference used from Wild and Horned Hermit:

    Here is an image of my layout.
    Here is an image of my design template.

    The blue wool is Stage 1.
    The cyan wool is Stage 2.
    The green wool is Stage 3.
    The yellow wool is Stage 4.
    The orange wool is Stage 5.
    The red wool is Stage 6.

    So the way I have this planned is with two relative teleports. The first is at the entrance of the cave at the top, shown by the first gray horizontal line. The second is dropping down the hole in the courtyard at Chireiden, shown by the second gray horizontal line.

    The block distance between the two lines should be roughly 200-250 blocks when built in Gensokyo.

    Before anybody asks any questions, I just want to clarify a few things.
    1. The layout will not be flat. There will be plenty of twists and turns along the horizontal axis as you descend.
    2. The design template is only a guideline for how to design the cave system. It does not need to be followed to a T when building the caves in Gensokyo.
    3. Ancient City is currently being lead by PhantomNerifes. The city has lots of progression, but the terrain making up the cave walls and such still need to be worked heavily on, as well as the city is not completed yet. If you want to help, ask Phantom about any of that jazz. I'm sure he can give you guys work to do.
    4. I hear lots of people talking about wanting to work on Chireiden. MC has mentioned wanting to tackle the project, but I know it would be too much for him alone. If any of you builders or temp builders want to help him with the project, please do. I have concepts built of Chireiden near the coordinates mentioned at the top of my post. You should just need to fly straight away from the SA layout to find the concept build.

    If there are any other questions, please feel free to ask me.
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    I'd like to help out with Chireiden and Parsee's bridge/house c:


      I would love to help with parsee's bridge and house if i may


        Koishi is the lead for Chireiden. If anybody wants to help with Chireiden, she is who you tackle.


          I've got some wip concepts and stuff of the palace at:
          -16 18 1624 in creative flats

          Feel free to give suggestions and ideas and stuff :3 yay