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    Project Esper Bunker

    Bullets flew through the smoke and tore through metal and flesh as each bullet eliminated its target. Jason landed on his feet with a thud as each soldier crumpled to the ground, dead. He quickly reloaded his grenade launcher and walked forward, knowing full well the room was clear. Just as he was about to transmit that the room was clear, a familiar voice came onto the radio. Nobody could see, but Jason furrowed his brow as he looked down at the radio and intercepted the signal.

    ("Hi Jason, Tethys here. Having a bit of a fit are we? Look, I'll get right to it. I'm sure neither of us like the current situation. I'm being threatened with being decommissioned if we can bring you back, and you or some of your new friends might end up killed. So here's the proposal. You come with us, peacefully, and no one will have to get hurt.

    I'll even throw on a few extra perks. Make you captain of some secret force, or something like that. Give you some free space, and even maybe tell you where some of your family is. You decide, but to me, that sounds like a pretty good deal.")

    In truth, Jason did not like the thought of being cornered with a deal he had no idea would even be held. No, if that were the case, then they would not have blasted the door like this. They should have run a diplomatic mission instead of going on the offensive and blasting a hole in the top entrance of the bunker. Not only that, but why was he to be promised all these extra perks? Wouldn't they just put him back in the position he was already in? That was what he was made for. They would not waste money on having him elsewhere. No, Tethys did not have the authority to move his position. She was but an overseer, an assistant, not a director. It smelled a bit like a trap, so if there was going to be dealings, then he was going to make some demands of his own. They were both on thin ice, so what was there to lose?

    "I want my freedom. Can you promise that? How do I know you'll leave the people here unharmed?", Jason said into his helmet's radio.

    He then turned his attention to the Espers and mentally transmitted all that was said before thinking to them.

    ("I'll keep them on the line. Misaka, get to charging that EMP and move in formation with Jennifer, in front of her. Jennifer, move up and close the door on your way out."), Jason thought as he began to move closer to the ladder.

    To be honest, Jenny was a bit nervous about the proposal that was mentally broadcasted to them. Sure, they only knew Jason for a while, but he wouldn't switch sides that easily, would he? She tried to keep focused on what was instructed, moving up and hoping for a response from Raina on his intentions.
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      Project Esper Bunker

      Misaka had been preparing to EMP the area since Jason first mentioned it to her. Now that it was almost time she proudly answered back ("The EMP is ready, just tell me when to fire.") There wasnt' a hint of doubt in her mind that Jason was still on their side. Call it naivety or intuition, but the thought never crossed her mind.

      Raina transmitted everything picked up by the radio as instructed by Jason. When she sensed unease in Jenny's mind and Jason's will to be exonerated she gladly chimed in to help. ("Don't worry jenny, he's to clever to fall for their ploy.") she assured her. ("Alex is engaging the enemy. He's currently heading for the IP soldier in the chopper.")