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    Project Esper | Break Room

    Jason was about to speak, but wasn't even able to open his mouth as his gaze seemed to lower to his plate. Truth be told, it was hard to fully remember. It had been so long since he had seen it, and the only thing he could remember was the fields of grain and his house. The more he thought about it, the harder it was not to keep his mind off the fact that his father was in prison or dead, and his mother faded into obscurity. His sister... His sister was kidnapped too. She wasn't brought with him, which meant that they might have either sent her to another project, which meant that she was either dead, barely holding on, or a shell of what she used to be.

    A pit formed in Jason's stomach as the thought whizzed by, how his father was likely beaten and treated poorly, how his sister was likely experimented on, just like he was. Did they still remember him? Although Jason wouldn't admit it to anyone else, he was worried about his family, and what they would think of him.

    "I can't remember my home very well. I...", Jason said as he gazed up at Misaka and Jennifer. The look in his eyes were a bit more somber, his voice a little quieter but still quite audible.

    "I was only six when they took me.. and my sister."

    Jenny was calmly listening until now, but when Jason had said that he was kidnapped, her eyes widened in shock. She knew the government was not afraid to stoop low to achieve their goals, but kidnapping children? It was then when she thought to Raina, hoping to get her input.

    ("Are you hearing this right now?"), Jenny asked her. Meanwhile, Jenny looked over towards Misaka rather grimly.
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    Originally posted by S121
    Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


      Project Esper | Break Room

      Misaka could feel her chest tensing up as if a heavy wight had been sat on it. Her face shifted into a sorrowful look of concern. Misaka was silent for a moment, trying to process what she has just heard. In many ways this Jason boy was no different from her or Alex. They too had lost, family due to the government's cruelty. She felt really sorry for him, and yet she couldn't think of any words that could possibly sooth the pain he was no doubt keeping bottled up inside. She had seen it enough from Alex to know when a boy was doing it.

      It took her a moment to respond, but she did eventually think of something she could say. "Do you know where your sister was taken? We have some contacts that might be able to help you find her. It's not much but... I want to help you if I can."

      Meanwhile in Jenny's mind. Raina gave an affirmative that she was indeed watching. "It's sad but that's pretty normal around here. Not trying to sound heartless or anything, I've just gotten used to it."


        Oceans of cali

        013 sighed as he spoke in response. "And there is a difference between being annoyed and on alert. Right now I'm just trying to think and form a report of the failure of a mission my team just went through. All the while trying to get some sort of rest as we wait until we arrive at our next destination. So don't think I'm not on alert. I still am. Just trying to take it easy." 013 replied as he turned to face Senna's direction. ". . . So... how uh... how have you been. . .?"

        Site 47

        As Soane explained the situation. What they were going to do with him mainly, made Bandit feel... well not really welcomed, but at the least appreciated the honesty. "Well I'm wondering what exactly I am as well, so I guess some tests' will be fine. I suppose..." Bandit explained as he rubbed the back of his head. Secretly hoping most of the tests won't have much to do with sharp pointy things. Mainly needles. Though as he was thinking of what the tests and experiments will be like, he heard another person quickly approaching them. At first he tensed up, almost wanting to hide behind Koi. Though when this 'Commander' began speaking and didn't seem too mean, Bandit eased up.

        "Um... no problem Ma'am. I ain't too overwhelmed. Heh... Then again I don't have much in the memory department aside from sewers. A lot of things here are kinda new experiences as far as I can remember. Though things are still goin' a little fast for me. . ."


          Project Esper | Break Room

          Jenny knew that Raina wasn't wrong in her observation and swallowed in response.

          ("It's wrong. Even for them, it's wrong... Later we should meet up with the New Republic and see if they have any leads on this."), Jenny thought with a concerned look on her face.

          When Jason heard Misaka's offer to help, his gaze shot up to her in slight surprise, but eased a moment later as he thought about the consequences. After a long silence, he gave a sigh and shut his eyes for but a few seconds before his weary gaze met the two girls in front of him.

          "I don't know where she is... Thank you.. for offering me a hand, but I can't.", Jason finally said, sitting a little straighter from his hunched position.

          To this, Jenny's brows crinkled in confusion.

          "But why? It would be easier if you had a little help.", Jenny said, voicing her concern.

          "I am a flight-risk to you.", Jason responded, a little saddened but adamant as he spoke.
          Originally posted by S121
          Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


            Project Esper | Break Room

            Misaka couldn't help bit give a small giggle at Jason's reasoning, putting her hand over her mouth as she tried not to seem disrespectful. His intentions were noble, but something about what he said made her giggle. "Oh don't worry about that. We're already harboring an Alex. One more flight risk won't crash us. Besides, if anyone does come here, I'm pretty sure we can handle it." she said, sounding not smug, but very assuring.


              Project Esper | Break Room

              Jason looked over with a slightly confused look as Misaka giggled, but that look softened with the passing of a sigh.

              "Misaka? Why wouldn't they have attacked the place if they knew you were here? From my guess, they don't, otherwise they would have dropped a bunker buster and carpet-bombed the whole place. At the very least, they would try and use attrition warfare to whittle you down until you had to leave.", Jason calmly said with crossed arms, "I trust you all are very capable, but they are an entire military. It won't just be a couple hundred soldiers and trucks. You will have to contend with 20mm cannons, tanks, drone strikes, and whatever other science projects the government has cooking up."

              It took but just a moment, but he was now leaning forward in his seat, just a tiny bit closer to Misaka. He didn't seem angry, he didn't seem annoyed. He just looked tired.

              "Listen. I know it's going to be a long road for me, but it'll be even longer if my actions led to you and everyone else here being captured and killed. I don't want anyone dying for my sake... If I leave in an hour, there should still be enough time before they manage to triangulate my previous location, brief their soldiers, and get boots on the ground. Just sit tight, and you won't get into any trouble.", Jason said.

              Jennifer listened closely, and by this point, she was trying to think whether or not Jason was really right. It seemed to make enough sense, but to just wander off on his own would likely be suicide. It was then when Jenny quickly spoke with Raina.

              ("Raina, do they really know we're here? Do you think he's right?")
              Originally posted by S121
              Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                Project Esper | Living Area

                "EVE"RYONE!" Raina spoke in the minds of Jason and everyone else currently in the bunker. "There are foot soldiers outside. The forest keeps us safe from tanks an air strikes but they'll be upon us any moment now. This is not a drill, battle stations everyone!"

                It looked like Misaka was about to say something else to Jason, but all whatever it was would have to wait until later. "Damn it..." the girl cursed as she quickly got up.and headed for one of the exits

                ("Raina are we all connected?") the familiar voice of Alex played through everyone's mind.


                "Good, Stalker head to the front entrance with push and railgun. Get them outside quietly. All non combatants grab a weapon, get to the rec room and wait it out. Jason... I've no right to ask you for help, but if you want to fight then meat me at the far exit, I'm going to draw the enemy's fire."


                  Site 47
                  Tatara merely smiled at Bandit's question about themselves, an inquistive edge to it increasing as they spoke about their lack of memory. "That's what we're interested in as well. I've never quite seen anything like you before, and considering how much I have seen over my years of work here, that's fairly impressive. As for things going fast, you need not worry, we can go slowly if you wish. We can also see about washing those clothes of yours, if you'd like. I would imagine they have seen better days."

                  The woman looked over to Soane. "Soane, would you take our cloudy friend down to the labs? I have much to discuss with Koi."

                  Soane simply gave a nod, beginning to move somewhat before gesturing towards Bandit. "Come along."

                  Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                  You just discard their guts and keep on driving.


                    Site 47

                    Bandit didn't quite know how to respond to Tatara. For one it did sound like some kind of compliment, and her assuring him that the people of this place will try to figure out what he is did make Bandit feel a bit better.
                    Even then he was still a little nervous as he nodded and began following Soane.

                    As he followed Soane, Bandit got a little curious. "So who was that lady exactly? She seemed... nice enough." He asked out of curiosity, but also to help take his mind off the thought of them poking him with lots of needles.


                      Oceans of Cali

                      At first, she didn't realize he was speaking to her until he turned to face her, causing her to look up to face him, then she heard the last words that came out of his mouth and he didn't have to even finish the sentence before her smile quickly appeared on her face.

                      ((He actually asked me?! That is actually very rare for him to ask, did he actually miss me?))

                      She started to stumble through her words "I...I..." But quickly regained her composure and looked towards him with a more goofy grin, and that is where it started.

                      She started to talk about a bunch of different things that seemed completely off topic, but she then dropped something that seemed alot more intentional than the other things she spoke about.

                      "Oh yeah! I before I came to see you, I ended up spotting a whooole buncha trees crashing quite a ways away from you guys! it was coool! Almost as if there was some really strong people fighting in the distance!!!" She exclaims before continuing, only briefly mentioning after a bit she was doing good.
                      "If I cut the strings that held me hostage would i fall and shatter?"


                        Project Esper | Forest above (A few minutes before)

                        "Alright, I hope everyone is ready for what you will be facing very soon. I want the majority of the attention focused on Accelerator, but don't be affraid to go a bit after a few others too. Now, I need to be clear about this, we don't know what we'll find down there. Whatever it is, keep going" Ceres said to the soldiers that were standing in front of her, trying to boost their morale as best as possible. "I also want continous updates at all times. If the video feed breaks up, tell me what you see, and who you see down there. I want to know it all" she continued. She wanted an as detailed list of this terrorist organization as possible, both so she could direct people away from the targets to preserve, and for future information.

                        A few minutes later, the bombs in the ground that had been planted a few hours ago to break down into the bunker went off. After the rubble was cleared, the soldiers began pouring into one of the corridors.
                        Born in the light.
                        Molded in the dark

                        Never Forget,
                        Keep Fighting.
                        –Don't Forget.
                        Always, somewhere,
                        someone is fighting for you.
                        –As long as you remember her,
                        you are not alone.


                          Project Esper | Break Room

                          Jason saw that Misaka was about to speak, but at that very instant, the telepath from before contacted everyone, warning that there was an imminent attack. Jason's eyes widened in response. He was right that they would eventually find him, but he didn't know it would be so soon. He looked over to Misaka, who was already headed out the door, then to Jenny. In the back of his mind, he really wanted to say "told you so", but that didn't seem appropriate at the moment. Sadly for him, he didn't know that people could hear him.

                          ("Told you so."), Jason inadvertently broadcasted to the others. Realizing what he had done, Jason clenched his teeth and squinted in regret.

                          ("Yea, yea. Too late now."), Jenny thought before quickly getting up and running to the entrance with Misaka.

                          It was as Jason slid his helmet over his head when he felt the explosion go off. Given the strength of it, the explosive had to have pierced the entryway nearby. He swiftly stood up and moved for the entrance as he thought.

                          ("Alex, can they get in? How thick is that sphere at the entrance? What is it made of?"), Jason asked Alex. It was all but clear that he intended to help. After all, there was no other choice but to wait and die.
                          Originally posted by S121
                          Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                            Project Esper Bunker

                            As the explosion went off, the soldiers above trying to gain entry would have found the hole they made leading into a straight drop with bits of the ladder leading down blown away as a result of the bomb. The walls down here were made of a thicj concrete with the the wall opposite of the ladder being made of reinforced steel At first glance it would simply look like a dead end with the hole leading to nowhere. The room down there was rather dark, but if someone were to shine a light down there, they might notice that the steel wall wasn't perfectly flat but rather it was slightly rounded.

                            Meanwhile Alex was making his way to the opposite entrance when Jason posed his question. He paused for just a moment to consider the question. Once he could recall he answered. ("The walls in the cylindrical rooms are made of 10 inch thick steel walls with a titanium core. I'm going to cut them off from the other side and divert their forces away from that entrance. you can come with me or stay behind with them. I'll be fine either way.") he said as he reached the door near the greenhouse. He stepped into the room before turning the walls around him to let himself out the other side

                            all the while Misaka was now at the door leading into the cylindrical room. She was waiting for Jason to state his intentions, weather he would stay with them or go join Alex.


                              Site 47 | En-Route to Labs
                              Soane's singular optic glared as they glanced over to the comparatively short gas-bag.

                              "You didn't listen to a single word they said, did you?" Soane asked as they began moving out of the primary atrium area, moving through a set of large blast doors. "Why should I even re-explain what she said if you're not even going to remember it seconds later? It would seem quite fruitless to do so."

                              Site 47 | Atrium
                              Tatara and Koi merely watched as the two left.

                              "It's very... odd to see someone or something so innocent be dragged up into this..." Tatara started.

                              "I's... didn't really wan' them toos." Koi looked a little uncomfortable.

                              "I could guess that much." Tatara replied. "Would you like to go somewhere a little more private to discuss things?"

                              Koi could only nod, Tatara gesturing them forth as they moved away from the masses of people who traveled between parts of the facility, stepping into another, more circular elevator, which slipped even further underground.
                              Site 47 | Offices
                              The elevator finally reached it's destination, the lighting for the hallway ahead less harsh and sterile, seeming to try and mimic natural lighting. Numerous doors lined the hallway, but they passed each one without hurry, only finally stopping at the final door, it's deep grey nature easily contrasting that of the otherwise white hallway. A short retinal scan later, and the door opened, letting Koi go first. They were slightly hesitant, but as the lights turned on, it revealed a quite cozy looking office. A soft blue coated the walls, the back wall having a whole host of monitors stationed behind a slightly worn wooden desk.

                              "Have a seat, and we'll begin." Tatara gestured towards one of the leather-bound chairs. Koi promptly sat, sinking into the chair as they figured it was real leather.

                              "So, where would you like me to start?"

                              "Wha' do you's wan'?" Koi asked.

                              Tatara exhaled sharply from their nose as they sat down in their own chair. "To the point, I like that."

                              "To put it simply, i'm quite interested in you and your former comrades from the Infinite Project, and would be willing to offer lodging, protection, and various other amenities in exchange for you working for us."

                              "And my job would be?" Koi's voice took a somewhat more serious tone than normal.

                              "Could be nearly anything, really." Tatara admitted. "We've been expanding in numerous sectors, from our regular jobs of containment or disposal of odd creatures and objects, to security, research into fields both biological and technological, you name a job, I could probably find something close to it here."

                              "But why offer these things? I dunno' what you've heard, but me n' the rest o' the IPs are pretty much fugitives. That's a big risk." Koi started. "How do you even know 'o us anyways? Government tried pretty hard to keep tha' whole thing under wraps."

                              Tatara merely chuckled, opening a drawer in their desk, putting several folders on the table. "Koi, you have no idea of how terribly some of these government-owned projects have been run. Combine that with a lot of old connections, and you've got a whole heap of blackmail material just waiting to be used."

                              "Human experimentation, disregard for all manner of safety, creations consistently rebelling against their creators, and so, so much more." Tatara continued. "I thought government was pretty bad leading up to the war, but looking at it now, it's not much better. In fact, in some ways it's worse."

                              Koi gestured for one of the folders, Tatara complying. As they read through for a minute or two, the former Infinite could be seen slowly tilting their head as they read. "They.... wowzers."

                              Tatara could only nod. "As for the offer, we could use some like you. I've got... plans i've been slowly starting to set in motion. We're currently paid by the government for our work in dealing with Infinitus leftovers and the like, but i've been branching out. Private security, assistance with medical and prosthetics research. I want CULL to become fully independent. To be more frank, I want to aim for governmental reform."

                              Koi could only tilt her head, eyes narrowing at that last statement. "When you say, 'governmental reform'..."

                              Tatara's own eyes slightly narrowed in on Koi's own. "You very much know what I mean by that."

                              Koi was silent for a few moments, parsing the right things to say. "I do. Tha's true. But something of that scale..."

                              "Sounds utterly ridiculous, I know. Maybe even impossible, considering the scale. At least, if we were to do so on our own." Tatara finished. "But we've been on the lookout for allies of all kinds. Those in government who aren't happy with how things are run, various small packets of dissidents, and several firms and companies in the private sector, not that they would admit to such things publicly. I've been planning this out for more than 30 years, Koi. There's still a lot to do."

                              "And you're tellin' all this to someone you've met not 15 minutes ago..." Koi seemed naturally suspicious. Tatara merely laughed in response.

                              "I know, I know. Just as ridiculous as the plan. But if there's anyone I can trust to not tell the government, it's those whose lives they've ruined. I want you to trust me here, Koi."

                              Koi was quiet for a few moments as she simply processed everything, the amount of information boggled her mind. This much, just hidden under the surface? The situation was clearly worse than just the government trying to wrangle a couple of rogue experiments.Even as her eyes kept looking through the documentation, it just spelled badness to the core of it all. Infinite was clearly just one of many, many projects.

                              Her eyes glanced back up to Tatara, who they noted was still watching intently.

                              Koi gave a sigh, handing back the folder.

                              "I's think you raise a lotta' good points." Koi's voice seemingly shifted back to it's normal tone. "I's accept, if only for the protection. As for the... other stuff..."

                              "You can give that answer to me in time. It is no rush. Regardless, welcome aboard." Tatara gave a smile, holding out a hand. One which Koi firmly shook. "Now, let me see what I can do about housing."

                              Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                              You just discard their guts and keep on driving.