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Interest Gauging Thread :^) Obv OOC

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    Interest Gauging Thread :^) Obv OOC

    Hi nerds.
    Long time no see.

    I have a question for you all.

    Y'all remember my GaHDD folks from Eternal Galaxy?

    How would y'all like to maybe participate in an RP centered around them in their universe?

    If there's enough interest, I'll wipe out this thread and create a real OOC thread for an idea I've been kicking around in my head for a little bit lately, but if there's no interest in the concept, then I won't bother elaborating upon the story. Think of this as more of a "I want to see if you are interested in the organization I presented and what backstory I exposed so that I can see if you might be interested in the story that I've been developing"

    So whaddaya think?

    By the way, and I'm sorry to say, this would be Original Characters only. No cross-universal characters or anything like that. Either create a new character or repurpose another character you have with a different backstory (or similar if the conditions of the universe allow it.)
    Sometimes I feel like the only normal person here
    "My Threshing has been Extra Princely Fresh"

    Spoiler: Hazmer Baybee