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    Pine Grove - Wagon

    Now that Azeruk was getting settled into he wagon and a little less on edge, he finally felt it was time to open up and answer Zena's question. Azeruk placed both his hands on either side of his helmet and pulled it off his head, revealing a rather young man, no older than 20, with brown hair and eyes. His days of running through the forest was reflected in the soft tan of his skin. This man that had helped the group in a pinch was but a boy. He wore a somewhat grim expression on his face at the moment, reflecting how troubling this situation still was to Azeruk.

    "Well, I guess I must ask first, what do you know of this forest?", Azeruk asked Zena.
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      Pine Grove | Wagon

      Zena seemed just a tad bit overwhelmed at everything that was going on. When Saru came over, she tried scratching behind his ears to calm him down. hopefully it would work. She then quickly looked over to Braum. There's plenty of room for everyone. Try not to wake the injured soldiers" she assured him before returning her attention to Azeruk. "Not a whole lot. Occasionally bandits pop up in these woods thinking they'll be safe, but it's not long til we find them." She said giving her general knowledge of the place. "My job's taking care of problems that occur inside the city. The bounty hunters guild would probably know more about it." she explained as they neared their location


        Pine Grove - Wagon

        Seeing that most folks were finally relaxing, the yaju fox took her time to examine them, wether by quick looks, scents, or just hearing their breathing and tone of voice. Sure, they were all having bruises here and there, the vulpine nearly losing a limb or two, but they all were relatively ok.

        Unconsciously, one of Nera's remaining vials opened, releasing normal water, it coursed through the fur of her chest and neck, until reaching the forehead to float as a sphere. The hydromancer opened her eyes to gaze at the sphere, there were remnants of the whole trip, smudges of dirt, blood, bone dust and other elements that proved the journey from Sanctuary, heading to the chronomancer's tower, the climb to the dragon castle and the fights inside said place.

        "The curse and blessing of the journey." the yaju started speaking, not knowing if her voice could be heard by the others. "Wandering through trials, obstacles and different paths." the sphere started freezing, revealing the different elements that clouded the purity of the water. "That is what makes your journey an adventure."

        Nera smiled as her paw now held the multicolored sphere.
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