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    OOC: Sanctuary REVAMPED

    Special thanks to Mima and Wriggle for helping me with the OOC


    The World of Lore!

    1: Finish fourth era
    2: Explain more about magic types
    2: Explain more about Esper abilities
    The First Era

    In an ancient time, there existed a vast world full of many creatures. Giants and dragons shared a world with man, and many great stories and legends have been told of this great world. But we shall start from the beginning?

    When the world was yet new and the sun warmed the lands for the first time, the seven Divines each created a race to inhabit the planet. These Races were known as Human, Yun, Jin, Elf, Yaju, Dwarf and Orc.

    Each of the seven races lived separately, inhabiting different parts of the world. Humans took to the plains, Yun the meadows, the Jin the deserts. the Elves in the forests, Yaju in the jungle, Dwarfs in the hearts of mountains, and Orcs in the swamp lands. The Divines kept to themselves for thousands of years, each tending to and caring for the race they had created. Each Divine took pride in their race and thought it superior to the other six. This of course lead to arguments and competition. The seven races were soon unwittingly competing against each other, each Divine striving to have the most advanced race, the one with the most people, that one race that contained the most wealth, and the race with the most beautiful creatures.

    The Divines created powerful monsters, beasts such as dragons and giant snakes were born to challenge each race, seeing which could muster the greatest heroes. This cold war went on for a few hundred years until one of the Divines grew so bitter that not only did he wish to be better than the other races he wanted them all destroyed.

    He told the humans about the other races that existed in the land they called home. He spoke to them of each race and how they served gods other than he, the creator of men. He convinced them that these other races were evil and needed to be slain before they could taint the rest of the earth with their evil.

    It was a dark and terrible night. The Yun were celebrating the coming of spring in the meadow. The air smelled of cooked fish, rice and camp fire. The Yun ate and drank out in the open where they were exposed like sitting ducks. It was peaceful one moment, and then the next... A fire spread through the villages burning every building and feeling the air with ash and suit.

    The humans trampled the Yun's crops, killed their livestock, and littered the land with bodies. The Yun barely even fought back, only a handful of warriors attempted to stand against hem as they were being wiped out. All of the male Yun were rounded up and executed them in the center of one of the larger villages. Only the women were spared, not even the male children survived. The women were then taken bound by chains and forced to return with the humans where they forced them to cook clean, and do far worse things. Only a handful of Yun escaped, with a few of the women and children managed to run off into the night away from this massacre.

    The Divine who created the Yun was furious. She confronted the creator of men but she simply mocked her, saying they were too weak to fight back and deserved too die. Outraged by this crude action, the Divine female struck back. With no males left she needed a way for her people to reproduce and eventually strike back. She used her powers over nature and infused them with it's magic. The Yun women became plant like beings with grassy hair and minty leaf tongues.

    With their newly found strength the women turned the very trees and grass against them. They managed to escape and take down a large portion of the humans, mostly just the ones who had them enslaved. The humans were found strung up by vines, impaled by large thorns. Some of them seemed to die of poisoning and others seemed to have been ripped apart. The Yun Divine had committed a horrible offence by giving the Yun magic, and she was due to be punished for her actions. However that was of little meaning compared to what happened next. The acts of war between the humans and the Yun caught the attention of the other Divines and each of them feared their race would be the next to be attacked.

    Before the Divine female's punishment was carried out, several of the other Divines commited a similar offence, giving their respective races an unfair advantage in one way or another. The Divines mutually agreed that the gloves were now off. They would pit each race against each other and hold nothing back. So it came to pass that the greed of the gods would plunge the world of mortals into a war the likes of which would change it's very landscape forever.

    Countless men and women of every race died in a futile battle to control the world. Bodies lined the streets of every city, and the very earth itself was stained a deep crimson. The people who had once prospered now lived in poverty and fear. It was a cruel fate, a terrible game played by the Divines at the expense of the mortals.

    The war raged on for a hundred years. Neither of the seven races were any closer to winning this pointless war. The people were suffering but the gods who once loved and protected their people had forsaken them. During one of the final battles of the war, there was a powerful storm that ripped through the land. At first the soldiers assumed it to be the work of one of the Divines, but this storm was wild and unbiased.

    Powerful winds blew mortals to and fro, and the heavy rain caused many to drown as it washed away the blood of battle. The storm washed many of the soldiers out to sea. Those that didn't drown or get eaten by sharks were left stranded, lost and forgotten. Several days passed and seven soldiers found themselves stranded on an island. There was one member from each race, and thus, were hostile to one another at first. But, each of them were too weak from either hunger, injury, or both to fight. Broken and drained of all energy, they had no choice but to rely on each other to survive. They all agreed on a truce until they could get back to civilization.

    The soldiers spent the next two months living and hunting together. There was some animosity at first, but the more time they spent together the easier it became. The soldiers shared hunting and fishing secrets and worked together to build a shelter. It wasn't long before the lot of them stopped seeing each other as enemies, and soon after, they built a vessel capable of sailing the seven seas and carrying each of them back home.
    They packed the boat with food and enough fresh water to last them for at least a week. They climbed in the boat but then, they all stopped. They were so focused on getting home that until now they hadn't thought about what going home really meant. They would be returning to a home ravaged by war and hatred, while this island was peaceful, small and lonely maybe, but it was better than the alternative. The seven of them thought on this for a long time.

    If they went back they would eventually have to fight and kill each other, but there had to be a better way, right? They didn't' want to stay on that island forever, but where else cold they go? After hours of brainstorming the seven of them came up with a plan. They knew they couldn't just ask everyone to stop fighting, but there might have been another way to make it so no one else had to die.

    The seven soldiers returned to their own hometowns and spoke to the Divines that had created each of their races. They requested one final showdown in which one worrier from each of the seven races would be selected as the champion of that race so that the seven champions could fight it out in one final battle to the death to see which race would rule over all others.

    The Divines, having grown tired of a hundred year war accepted these terms and thus each Divine held a tournament to find the most worthy fighter of each race. Sure enough, the seven champions were selected, the same seven warriors who had been stranded together on the island. These brave fighters were mere soldiers when they first got stranded but through all their hardships on the island they learned the weaknesses of their race and how to overcome or exploit them when needed.

    The seven champions were not eager to fight or end this war. The last thing any of them wanted was to kill the very people they had counted on for survival, the people they now called friend. However, they planned for this. The seven champions reported false happenings about the other six competitors to their respective gods. They told them that one Divine or another was giving their champion all manner of mystical powers in order to destroy the competition.

    The Divines, so consumed with anger that they didn't even question how the champions had gotten that information blessed their own champions with power rivaling their own. They had become gods among men, their power unmatched by any mortal. A clash between these seven titans would have been the greatest battle that world had ever seen, however, the champions had other plans in mind. On the day this final confrontation was to unfold, the seven champions stood face to face staring one another down in silence on the battlefield. They stood there and did nothing as they waited for the Divines to declare that the battle had started.

    Each of them, armed with powerful weapons and unstoppable magical force inside them were ready. The beating of war drums sounded on all sides and both cheering and booing could be heard as millions of people came to watch the final clash. Even the Divines themselves had come down to earth to watch this fight.

    A loud war horn sounded and the seven champions all rushed to the center of their battleground. They all turned their backs to each other and held their weapons high into the sky. Combined, the seven champions launched an all out assault on the very Divines whom had gave them these power in the first place.

    They were able to catch them by surprise, thus dealing massive amounts of damage to the dictator gods before they even knew what hit them. The people as well as the Divines looked on in complete disbelief. All seven of the Divines had been knocked off their feet in a single attack and the mortals who had done it were still standing unharmed. The champions stepped up, giving what would later become the most famous speech in the history of that world.

    "Today, we seven champions fight for freedom, for justice, for peace, and for honor. No longer shall we shed the blood of our brothers and sisters. Today, we as mortal will take control of our own fate. And no man, beast or god shall ever control us again."

    The seven of them let out a mighty war cry as they charged head on into battle with the still very much stunned Divines. The battle that took place that day was far too great for mere words. Powers greater than any the likes of man had ever seen were pushed to their limits. The Divines clearly had the champions outmatched, however the defining factor in the battle wasn't brute strength.

    The Divines had been at war with one another for years, and they refused to help each other in the fight, and more often than not, they got in each other's way. The champions on the other hand fought like a well oiled machine, protecting and defending one another like a single being. If you attacked one of the champions, you attacked all seven, which was ultimately how they were able to win. One on one, a Divine would have crushed one of the champions, but they may as well have been fighting 7-1. They struck the gods down one by one until there was but one left standing.

    The last of the Divines left standing was the same male whom had starting the war, the creator of humans and the man responsible for slaughtering millions of his own creation.

    "Atticus, you treacherous WORM!" shouted the Divine in regards to the human champion.

    "I gave you life, a home, powers you never dreamed possible and this... THIS is how you THANK ME!?" The Divine was breathing heavily, occasionally spitting up a bit of blood as he clenched his left shoulder in pain.

    "I GAVE YOU LIFE DAMN IT, AND I CAN TAKE IT AWAY!!" Atticus, the Human champion stepped forward, sword in hand, he lifted his blade and pointed it at the weakened Divine.

    "Life isn't enough. We want freedom we want peace, but most of all, we want revenge." Atticus explained as he readied himself to deliver the final blow to the wicked Divine. Atticus's sword was swift and precise as he moved in for the kill.

    "YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS YOU HEAR M..." The Divine's final words were cut short by the cold steel of the human's sword. Standing tall and triumphant, the champions knew it was finally over. After defeating the gods themselves they could order the war to be stopped and no one would dare refuse them.

    After that things started to settle down again. The people started rebuilding their homes and restoring their towns to their former glory. The champions had taken on leadership roles for each of the races as they tried to not only rebuild what was lost, but bridge the gaps between the many races so they could live in harmony.

    Strange things started happening, While the Divines were gone forever, it seemed their power could not be destroyed. Instead their power had somehow transferred itself into mortal men and women. And while the magic these mortals possessed was much weaker than that of the champions it wasn't anything to sneeze at.

    Not all mortals gained this power, however, the ones that did were given the name Noroi. With the Divines gone and the mortal realm free to live as they see fit, there was but one task left for our heroes. To ensure man would stay forever free, each of the 7 heroes locked their souls away in seven powerful magic tomes.

    Written within these tomes was everything a mage needed to know in order to master a specific magic type. Whoever possessed the book would also gain an incredible increase in their powers. the seven champions would forever be remembered as The Heroes of Fate. Atticus, Sonya, Rem, Elin, Noxis, Sahsha and Gon...

    Hm? You think that is all? Hehehe, not by a long shot. See, this was only the first Era, how it all began. No, my friend, this story has only just begun.

    The Second Era

    I see you've come back for more. More stories of unity, war and revenge. The world was at peace for many years after the fall of the Divines The seven races built new colonies and reached new horizons. Rather than living separately the races were living together in harmony.They lived in the same town, under the same roof and shared the same table. It was a time of peace love and prosperity. In these years many school and temples were built in order to pass down learnings to the Nonori. They passed down to each generation the wisdom of how to use magic and the legends of the heroes of fate. This world was a true paradise, a world where man lived free of the control of immortals... or so they thought.

    Allow me to explain. For ever reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. for every shadow there is a light and for every good there is an evil. Deep below the earth's surface, locked away since the dawn of time laid a darkness equal in power to the Divines, devils if you will. I will not call these beings evil nor will i call them righteous. It is not ones power but their the way they use hat power that defines who they are. like the Divines there were seven of these devils, and like the Divines each of them were more powerful than any of the mortal beings. The devils had been kept trapped within the core of the earth by the Divines in an effort to keep them from corrupting the world with their dark magic. Even after the Divines had fallen, the powerful seal that held them in didn't fade over night. It took years for the devils to break free from their bindings but eventually, they did.

    I'm sure your'e wondering what they did once they were free. Well to be honest a few different thing actually. Some of them left to wonder space. one of them blended into society posing as a mortal. a group of them left that world to start their own, but two of them had other plans. The Devils Wisakachek and Uldah. The two of them admired the world they came back too. They were astonished how mere morals could have slain the great Divines. They wanted to be involved with the world, to see it change and grow and develop. But most of all they wanted to see what would happen when beings of darkness entered a world full of light. Wisakachek and Uldah each made their own humanoid creations to wonder the earth. Beings of darkness with powers unlike any the mortals of this ream had seen before. Wisakachek's creatures had the appearance of mortal men but could turn in an instant. At will becoming a powerful beast with sharp claws and the power to regenerate wounds simply by eating ones flesh. He called them Lycans. Uldah's creatures first appeared to be elf like with red eyes and pale skin. The creatures were far stronger than any elf or human with speed. They could regenerate simply by drinking the blood of a mortal. She called them vampires.

    The two Devils didn't' have evil intentions for this world. They simply wanted to contribute to it. However things didn't go quite as planed. Unlike the Divines, the Devils didn't try to guide or lead the race they created in any specific direction, allowing them to do as they pleased. The Devils simply watched their creations as they grew and learned amazingly quickly and seemed superior to the mortals in almost every way. Finally the day would come when Lycan and Vampire would meet the mortals of this earth. Wisakachek and Uldah watched them closely at first, cautious for any danger that might await them. However when the vampires and Lycan found the mortals, nothing bizarre really happened. They assumed the beings of darkness to be regular humans and elves. They seemed to mix rather well at first. They found each other to be a bit strange but that wasn't' a good enough reason not to trust them.

    The dark and light creatures blended well together over the next fifteen years or so. Vampires and Lycans powers came as a surprise to the mortals at first but for the most part no one seemed to care... for the most part that is. Some of the mortals grew envious of the constant flaunting of power by the dark creatures. They protested against them, forbidding them from using their power and marked them as unpure for having these strange powers. The oppression didn't sit well with the lycan and the vampires. resentment grew between them and resentment turned to hate. Not all of the fought mind you. a lot of the light and dark creatures still got along just fine. But as time progressed things got worse and worse. the dark and light creatures started picking physical fihts with each other. The fights got bloodier every day to the point the loser often ended up dying. The authorities at the time tried to resolve the violence but that only seemed to make things worse. as with most conflicts each side didn't' feel they had done anything wrong and this caused both sides to feel the authorities were being biased against them.

    The mortals saw the dark creatures as being evil and unpure while the Lycan and vampires saw the mortals as unworthy of being called their equal. Eventually it got to the point where both sides would riot in the streets. Innocent bystanders from both sides were killed in cold blood in what can only be described as gang violence. The villages were thrown into chaos. In the days that followed. The vampire and lycan's numbers started to dwindle. Having much less of them in the world left them at a great disadvantage. The mortals showed them no mercy either, forcing the dark creatures to either flee or die. Seeing the grim state their creatures were in, Wisakachek and Uldah became concerned, and... angry. How dare those mortal harm their precious children? The Devilish duo thought up a way to save their races. They granted the lycans and the vampires with venom. the vampires grew fangs and the lycon's teach only grew sharper. Anyone they bit would be infected and become one of them, allowing their race to fight back and prosper.

    The creatures of the dark struck back with a vengeance, their numbers growing with every victim they fought. With their new found power they wiped out the the opposing mortals almost over night. the ones that weren't' turned unto lycan or vampires were crushed and ripped to shreds. The creatures of the night had won the war but they simply didn't stop killing. Maybe creatures of the dark tried to protect the innocent mortals, hiding them, fighting for them but they were quickly overpowered. The dark creatures were quickly spreading their race infecting all the seven light races indiscriminately. At this rate it looked as though the lycan and vampires would consume he earth. The two devils pleaded with the dark ones to halt their assault but to no avail. they had tasted blood and craved more. It wasn't' even about revenge anymore, they were doing this for fun. The devil's feared it was too late. Not only did they fear the darkness would overpower them should they try and step in but they couldn't bring themselves to kill their own creations. If they didn't do something soon the world as the knew it would be doomed.

    Wisakachek and Uldah eventually came up with a plan to stop their beloved creatures from destroying the earth. They called upon the moon and the sun to invoke a terrible curse on each of the races. In the light of the sun the vampire wold burn and become weak until he was no more while the sight of the full moon would cause the lycan to lose control of their transformation. In addition to this the races would become weaker and weaker each time they turned another being with their venom. This was known as the curse of the moon and the sun but it came with a Prophecy. By dawn ye burn by moon ye turn until the day of the death of they." What this meant was in order for one race to be free of its' curse the other must go extinct. The vampire and the lycan ought in fears battles, each trying to overcome the curse placed upon them. They cursed at the beings responsible for the curse but Wisakachek and Uldah did not listen. It was as though they had vanished and had turned their back on the world. The war between the lycon and vampire raged for years to come until both sides were nearly extinct.

    No one remembers how the war ended, only that neither side succeeded. some of the lycan and vampires went about their lives and tried to live normally. Some of them blended in with people, others concealed themselves in solitude away from the rest of the world Wisakachek and Uldah never returned to the earth. No one knows what happened to them.

    When the people were finally able to recovered from the massacres that ensued, The leaders of each settlement gathered for a meeting. hings were peaceful for now but they knew it wouldn't' last forever. They needed to prepare themselves for whenever disaster struck.Members from all nine races worked together to construct the ultimate defense against any intruding forces. Walls were built incredibly high and reinforced with the strongest magics available to man. The fortified the hold even further by training dragons and giants to protect the gates. The walls were constantly patrolled by trained guards consisting of skilled swordsmen archers and mages. They built a large city and a castle within these walls that stretched over 40 square miles. It took ages of hard work, blood swear and tears, but eventually it was finished. Sanctuary! the stronghold of freedom hope and peace. A place where all would be safe to live and prosper A new age was dawning, on the land of mortals. The age of prosperity!

    .......soooo i know what you'r thinking. this has to be it right? is he story over?....Don't you want to know what happened next?

    The Third Era

    With the rise of Sanctuary came a time of great wealth for all those living within it's walls. Many of it's inheritance opened shops and restaurants within the walls and formed extravagant market places. Sanctuary became a hot spot for merchants to come and go. Some ended up staying and setting up permanent residence within it's walls due to the good business. You could go there to buy food weapons armor, clothes from every culture, books on endless topics and so much more. Some people offered public services in exchange for cash. Some carried large and heavy objects, some gave tour and acted as guides, others did much less innocent actions in exchange for money. Everything from prostitution to an assassination could be bought if you only knew where to look. Nothing is perfect, and although Sanctuary was the largest, safest and richest city in the world it struggled with the worlds highest crime rate as well.

    Out of all of the the criminals however none were quite as bad as a gang of Noroi that called themselves "The Mancers". The mancers were crude bullies who picked on anyone without magic powers. steeling from them, extorting them and damaging their property. Regular thugs with no shame or morals. Eventually the the ruler of Sanctuary, Queen Eatos passed a new law reacquiring anyone living within the walls of Sanctuary to pay a yearly tax. This tax money went towards hired law enforcement agents and maintaining the city. These Agents were called advocates. The advocates were given two ranks, one for power and one for authority. The Number in their rank determined how strong they were with a 1 being the weakest and a 5 being the strongest. A 0 was considered an advocate in training. The first part of there rank was a letter A, B orC. an A advocate was in charge of protecting the castle and the royal family, a B was stationed inside the walls to deal with crime and C were stationed outside the walls to protect Sanctuary from attackers For example a powerful advocate who worked inside the walls but outside the castle would be a level B4.

    While the new law enforcement agents did their best to keep the peace there was limitations to what they could do. The mancers eluded them for years before they were finally. Able to catch and punish the mancers. It was a day to remember as all out war broke out on the streets of Sanctuary. The battles only lasted for an hour or so but when the smoke cleared, all of the macners who weren't captured and taken alive were dead. Sanctuary's crime rate died down a lot after that and since then it's never been as high as it was before. Sanctuary was a much safer place with the mancers finally put to rest but they had still caused a lot of damage during their time in Sanctuary. One individual specifically had been hurt the most. It was a few years back. A Jin By the name of Roland was constantly harassed by the mancers. They came to him at his work and drove off any potential customers. They broke his merchandise, stole from him and beat him at his own place of work. Roland could barely afford to buy food for his daughter thanks to them. Most nights he just let her eat while he went without. He lied to her telling her that he was so hungry he ate o the way home. He loved his daughter more than anything in the world. Every moment he spent with her a preciousness memory to be treasured like gold. He would have done anything to protect her. Roland watched his daughter grow and grow until she had become a young woman. She was in school now and her father allowed her to wonder the streets freely during certain hours of the day. However he forbid that she ever go to the local market alone for fear that the mancers would get her. His daughter was the only thing that made his life livable after all.

    Then one cold winters night while Roland was returning from a long hard day of work. He reached to open his door but it would not open. It had been frozen shut. He pulled at the door with all his might but to no avail. The door wouldn't budge and the more he tried to more the cold winter air got to him. Eventually this made him angry so he kicked the door, causing it to break off the hinges and give way. However when he kicked in the door, it jared the house causing snow and ice to fall fall on top of him. It wouldn't' have been so bad if some of the ice hadn't cut unto his freezing bod like a knife. At first he didn't' feel the pain, numbed by the cold but he could feel his strength draining from his body. The snow turned red as his vision turned black, it was all over for him... Or at least he thought. Roland awoke several hours later inside his home. He was resting in his bed and there were no signs o injury on his body which was odd considering how slowly the jin usually recovered.

    He looked at the foot of his bed and found his daughter there sleeping by his side. She had rescued him and somehow healed all of his wounds. The only way that could have been possible was by magic. He was relived and concerned at the same time. He worried what would become of his daughter if she were to master her magic type. What if she got hurt? what if she hurt someone else. Turns out she was a photomancer, a mage with the power of light and she had been using her healing magic for years without anyone noticing . He ordered his daughter not to use her powers anymore, warning her of the dangers of magic. Confused and upset the daughter tried to reason with her father, claiming she only wanted to help people and stop them from hurting. But still her father forbid it. She did as she was told and stopped using her magic altogether until she was old enough to move out. She left suddenly and never said a word to her father. It made Roland sad, he wished he had listened to her maybe thought about his actions a bit more but now it was too late and he didn't know where to find her.

    When his daughter left however for some reason the mancers stopped bothering him. they never came around to harass him and even when he saw them they simply ignored him. It was an odd phenomenon and he wouldn't' learn why until the day the mancers fought the advocates. One of the many bodies lying dead on the street was his little girl, the daughter he had loved o much. She had joined the mancers as a healer and in exchange she asked only that they leave her poor father alone. She had the purest of intentions yet she was slaughtered like the est of the common thugs. Roland wept over his innocent little girl for days, even contemplated taking his own life. He would have gladly traded it for hers so that she could have lived... and then... that gave him an idea. Roland knew only a necromancer could raise the dead but what if there was another way. after all it was his belief that all life was equal so maybe trading his own for hers WAS possible. but how?

    Roland spent the next 20 years of his life studying medicine, herbs plants toxins and how they could be used. these were the first days of alchemy. He learned so many useful things, like how to make potions cure poison and he cold even turn stone into gold. He became the first alchemist and a powerful one at that. Many of Roland's abilities and methods have still not been discovered by mortal men. even the most talented of alchemists would give their lives to learn his secrets. He used alchemy to create artificial bodies which he called homunculi. However these bodies had no soul. He was so close, he just needed a way to find his daughters soul. Sadly it seemed not even the most skilled of necromancers were able to find his daughter's soul. He asked the Elves but not even they could find her He became more and more discouraged. The harder he looked the more illusive she became.

    He dove deeper and deeper into alchemy hoping that he would find the answer he needed would rest somewhere within his research. the years turned to centuries but Roland never lost hope. He worked day and night, his daughter driving him to work harder and harder until he could hold her in his arms again. Eventually he reached a level in alchemy no one would have ever thought possible. Alchemists can alter and manipulate many things, but Roland was the first and only Alchemist to manipulate reality. He did amazing things with his power, creating weapons from thin air, changing the world around him with nothing but a mere thought. His power was the greatest any mortal had seen since the heroes of fate, but still it was not enough. Roland tried but he could not create a soul nor could he find the soul of his lost daughter. Roland's drive turned to frustration and his frustration into anger. His anger turned into hate and his hate started to consume him. He blamed the Noroi for his daughters death. If it hadn't been for magic she would have still been alive. If it hadn't been for the mancers his daughter wouldn't' have had to protect him. The more he thought on this the angrier it made him. Eventually he snapped...

    Roland used a soul jar to capture lost souls left to wonder the earth and used them to bring his homunculi to life. However these were no normal fake beings. Instead of trying to give them magic or super human strength, Roland messed with the brains of his homunculi. He found a way to unlock the minds full potential and through this created a new power, one that was unlike magic or alchemy. At it's full potential the human mind is capable of telekinesis, but unlike magic which defied the laws of seines, telekinesis was dependent on it. The first benefit to this power was the ability to have perfect control over ones own body. you could tell your mind not to process pain or fear and it would obey and you could store information easily as though you had written it down on the back of your eye lids. This power also allowed to manipulate the area around them. The power only extended as far as their arms could reach. One of them could used static electricity within her range and forced it to blast into powerful lightning strikes at her foes. Another was able to manipulate any vector that came within range allowing him to do devastate anything in his path. One of them found a way to make his body heal extremely quickly. There were so many possibilities, so many powers he cold create. Roland called these new beings "Espers".

    Roland had made a small army of espers. There were only five of them but they were each held great power that was unlike anything the world had seen. Not that it was more powerful than anything they had seen mind you, just that the powers they had were so... different. Roland lashed out at every Noroi he came across, killing them within seconds of making contact with them. His espers joined in on the fun, going out of there way to crush people as well as entire buildings just to prove their point. It didn't take long for the advocates to catch on to what was happening. They quickly went to arrest them, being ready for a fight, but but much to their surprise Roland's and the espers simply surrendered. They went quietly and allowed themselves to be taken into custody as they were chained and taken into the castle dungeon where they would answer for their crimes.

    Roland had a smile on his face through the whole escort. the advocates knew he was up to something but how much harm could a man bound by chains really be? Oh if only they knew. When Roland finally made it to the dungeon he and all of his espers were locked away with the maximum level of security. their hands and legs were bound and they were locked inside heavy steel walls and put under constant surveillance. "All according to plan" Roland said as he smiled from the confines of his chains. "BE QUIET IN THERE!" shouted back one of the guards who guarded Roland's cell. Roland just laughed at him as the guard continued to shout useless warnings at the alchemist. Roland began to speak again, and as he spoke every word he said came true. "My chains with rust away as i break free, the door to my cell will open and the soldiers guarding me will have their flesh ripped from their bones." Sure enough every word he spoke came true. He was free from his chains and his cell and he walked out to find the guards still very much alive as the screamed from the torment of losing their skin. He freed his espers and they made their way through the dungeon, searching for a certain prisoner that had been there for hundreds of years.

    Roland opened the doors to one of the cells by speaking but a word, walking in to see and old Yaju and the former leader of the mancers. The former mancer was shocked to see the same man he had so ruthlessly bullied after all these years. He wasn't sure what to think and before he could say anything he was silenced "His tongue will be burned from his mouth." he said as he watched the Yaju fall in great pain. He tried to speak but his words just came out as screams. "You are going to pay for everything you've done to me. A quick death would be too good for you." he said growing angrier by the moment. The alchemist commanded the Yaju's chains to tighten around the Yaju and pull, and pull harder and keep pulling until they were free. slowly the pull of the chains got tighter and stronger, it took severl minutes of agonizing pain but the chains finally pulled the yaju apart.

    Of cores the prison guards tried to stop this from happening but anyone who got near was slaughtered by the espers. Eventually the level A5 Advocates were called in. They use all their might and magic to strike back against the espers but whenever the advocates got the upper hand in the fight Roland's would simply change reality to change to tide of the battle. all hope seemed lost as multiple advocates fell at the hands of this powerful alchemist, but his confidence would be his undoing. He was so sure no one would make it past his espers that he neglected to protect himself whatsoever. Seeing as there was only one way in and out there wasn't any reason to fear being attacked from behind, or at least that's what he thought. A single fire Pyromancer had traveled to the grounds just above the dungeon. She drew a sigil just above where Roland was supposedly still standing and once the sigil was activated, a powerful fir burned right through the steel, melting the edges of the sigil so the floor could fall freely. Roland was crushed under the ceiling before he had even known what hit him. He was dead.

    Without their crater the espers didn't' know what to do. they wre ordered to protect him at all costs but now that they were gone they had no purpose. The espers surrendered and were captured once again. The espers refused food and water until they died of hunger and thirst. Things seemingly went back to normal after that, but the world would never be the same. Normal humans eventually found a way to gain their own esper powers through rigorous training and study. It seemed however that only people born without magical abilities could learn this power, making it impossible for anyone to weild both magic and telekinesis. Many great scholars were griefed by the loss of Roland. while they held no emotional attachments to him they morned the lose of the knowledge that he and only he carried. They would spend the rest of their years trying to recover the knowledge lost only to fall short of his accomplishments.


    Q: How many years have passed since the first era to the start of the rp?

    A: Each era is 5000 years but the stories told don't' all necessarily take up all 5000 years of the era. most of these events take 2000 years or less. tldr about 20'000 years.

    Q: Can anyone learn alchemy?

    A: Yes

    Q: What is the currancey in this rp?

    A: 1 Gold: Approximately 10 dollars.
    1 Silver: Approximately 5 dollars. (2 Silver = 1 Gold)
    1 Copper: Approximately 1 dollar. (5 Copper = 1 Silver)

    Q: Which hero of fate had which power?

    Atticus: Human Chronomancer. Male

    Sonya: Yun Photomancer Female

    Rem: Jin(dragon) Pyromancer Male

    Elin: Elf Aeromancer Female

    Noxis: Yaju(wolf) Necromancer Male

    Sasha: Dwarf Hydromancer Female

    Gon: Orc Geomancer Male
    Have a question? please ask away
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    4th Era

    The 4th era was a time of discovery. mankind had began sailing and traveling to new, unexplored parts of the world. The discovery of new lands and seas eventually promoted the leaders of the home land to give these land masses names. Eatos named her continent "Sindea" after her newborn daughter. Sometime between the 3rd and 4th era's Eatos had fallen in love with a man by the name of Alexander. the two of them had gotten married and recently had their first child. A sweet and beautiful human yaku half breed, Princess Sindea.

    These were among the happiest times of the kingdom. Everyone in the city adored the princess. Her kind heart filled the streets with life and the hearts of the people with joy. but none loved her as much as her father and mother. However time is a cruel mistress. Alexander's life span was far too short compared to that of Eatos and his daughter. Eatos stayed young, but her love had become grey and wrinkled.As he lay on his death bed, mere minutes from the cold abyss, he used his final words to speak to his beloved bride. "My love. I've had a terrible reoccurring dream, a vision of black fire falling from the sky. Mankind looked to the mystic tomes for help, but they were nowhere to be seen. I fear the books may be in danger. Please, promise me you will protect them. "To put her husband's mind at ease in his final moments, Eatos assured him she would keep the magic books protected until the day they were again needed.

    King Alexander had a large funeral with over twenty thousand people attending and at least three hundred staff members. Many of which were advocates protecting the royal family. The city was in tears at the loss of Alexander, but none were more upset than the young princess. Even as her father was being lowered into the ground she was begging, pleading for him to wake up. She didnt' understand how short and fragile human life was. But eventually she realized, he was gone. It was on that day the princess vowed to never again love a human.

    In the years that followed, the former king's wishes were carried out. The books never stayed in one place for long. each tomb was guarded by a squad of high ranking advocates while their new resting places were being built. Eatos had ordered for each of the books to be hidden in remote hidden locations and placed into vaults that no being would ever be able steel them from. these weren't' any ordinary vaults. They were all created using remarkable arcane energy. the books themselves acted as the catalyst for this magic. this only the guardian of each book would be able use it. The plan was nearly fool proof, except for one small detail.

    One of the mages employed to protect the book of necromancy was a wolf yaju by the name of Elivana. By law no one was allowed to protect a book if they themselves could control that element, Unless they were selected to be the future guardian of said book. This was done to prevent the soldiers from getting greedy and taking the tombs for themselves. However Elivana's powers were unknown. In fact when she signed up for the job she had been listed as an esper. No one knows exactly where this error occurred, but it would prove most fetal. One touch from the tomb was all it took. The wolf girl's powers grew astronomically after that. In a single night she wiped out her entire platoon and turned them into ghouls. By the time anyone figured out what had happened, it was already too late. She was long gone and now she held a book that made her extremely dangerous.

    There was no need for an investigation. Elivana struck first by having swarms of powerful undead creatures attack the advocates protecting the other 6 books. they all fought bravely, but against the sheer numbers of undead that they were forced to face, all of them fell. Simply having the book of necromancy wasn't enough. The wolf had to make sure no one else could become powerful enough to stand against her. And in steeling the remaining tombs she had done just that. Entire armies fell to this one necromancer. Even with the book of necromancy, it shouldn't have been possible for one person to raise that many undead as quickly as she did. Could it have been that this necromancer's powers surpassed even that of Noxis?

    But even in the most hopeless of times. Where there is a will there is always a way Out of the shadows sparked a new light of hope, a shining beacon for all to admire. The paladin of light Artix Van Kiger!

    Born in Sanctuary and raised by a brave soldier, Artix had been in training his whole life. Like his father he dreamed of becoming an advocate and protecting his city. At the young age of ten, Artix could already take down a gang of bandits on his own. His mastery of light magic and skill with a blade were like no other. Artix was only 19 years old at the time of the attack, He had barely even finished his training, yet something about him was different. Each undead he slew seemed to make him that much stronger. Every darkness he faced only made his light shine brighter. However no matter how hard he fought, he never seemed to get any closer to defeating the actual threat.

    This left the war at a bit of a stalemate. Elivana couldn't conquer Sanctuary so long as Artix lived and Artix couldn't clear out the undead so long as the one controlling them still existed. Elivana knew this, and so she formulated a plan to get Artix out of Sanctuary. During this time alot of refuges were coming to sanctuary for protection. There were several settlements that were being protected by soldiers but there was nowhere safer than the inside of the walls of sanctuary. But this wore on the city almost as much as the war itself. Food and water became scares. There was never enough. Food and drink were reserved for women and children. The soldiers being the next priority.

    Elivana used this to her advantage. She didnt' need to destroy the walls of sanctuary, she just needed to get past them. She did this by hiding herself amongst a band of refuges. She kept her face and hair covered by her hood and hid a human skull inside her cloak to make herself appear pregnant. Because of her appearance no one even gave her a second look. They let her in the city without the slightest of hesitation.

    Even after penetrating the walls of sanctuary, Elivana's undead never let up their assault on the city. She had to make sure everyone thought she was still attacking normally. She waited patiently for the sick and injured to slowly build up so that there would be no more room in the temples and shrines around the city. eventually Eatos had to start taking the sick and wounded into her own castle for treatment. That's when Elivana made her move. She pretended to go into labor and was swiftly brought back to the castle to give birth. But while Artix was busy fighting back with wicked undead who purged the city, Elivana was free to do as she pleased within the castle. Confronting the royal family on her own, while her army was still held outside the city would have been suicidal. Instead the wolf yaju took Sindea hostage. No one dared attack her so long as she had the girl in bindings and thus she was able to escape with the princess as her hostage.

    The wolf yaju had the war in the palm of her hand. The situation at sanctuary was only getting worse, and with the princess as leverage, defeat seemed almost impossible. She could have simply asked for their surrender but that wouldn't' have worked. Elivana wanted absolute abidance and for this to worked, EVERYONE had to become undead. She knew the people of sanctuary wold resist that fate, even at the cost of their princess. Rather than demanding they surrounded, she instructed them to send Artix. To have him leave the walls of sanctuary where he would be vulnerable.

    As dearly as Eatos missed her dear daughter, she couldn't allow Artix to leave. Without him the city had no hope. Perhaps they had the man power and the skill to win the war without him. But without his presence there on the battlefield, the city's spirit would be broken. However Artix didnt' give her that option. He left without hesitation. Boldly the paladin stood before the masses of zombified abominations. Most of them were more bone than flesh and many of them regrettably wore the faces of his fallen comrades.

    All hope seemed lost for the hero. He stood alone. And army surrounding him on all fronts. But not even this could break his spirit. A bright light radiated from the brave paladin. One that the undead couldn't stand to go near, much less to touch him. They still fought back with everything they had, but no matter how many attacked him a once or what tactics they used, they were never able to cut the paladin down.

    The brave paladin fought alone against the masses of undead for four days and nights without rest, food or water. He was on the break of collapsing. His muscles grew weak and many of his bones had been broken. His armor was dented and torn in several places and his red cape was singed. At this point over half a million undead had been slain. The earth around the city was littered with decaying bodies and dried blood. Artix cried out to the heavens, screaming for Elivana to fight him herself. He even went so far as to call her a coward.

    Surly enough his taunting provoked Elivana, and she accepted his challenge. But Artix never stood a chance. His body was already at it's breaking point and he barely had any fight left in him at all. A single spell was all i took to have him suspended in the by a tentacle of dark magic that was holding him up by the hole that was now in the middle of his chest. Elivana mocked the brave paladin. She called him a fool for having challenged her. The princess who was still in bondage was once again in tears. She barely knew him and yet he risked his life to save hers. But even now as Artix bled, there was a smile on his face.

    From his smile there was a slight humming, and from the humming was born laughter. Laughter that grew until the paladin could be heared all the way from sanctuary. the strange unexplained laughed unnerved the necromancer, tricking her into feeling fear and panic, and it was obvious in her voice. She demanded that Artix stay silent but this only caused him to laugh louder. Elivana dare not finish him off for fear of what he was capible of doing. she had him mere moments from death and yet she was too frightened to finish him off. When artix finally stopped laughing he began muttering a chant.

    "Spirits of past, this spell i cast. From this evil i set ye free, so at peace ye may finally be. For this i ask a humble request. Aid me once, before ye rest. unleash your wrath upon this blight and bring me victory in this fight" As the chant continued Artix's body began to glow brighter than the sun. It was a differant kind of brightness. It was much purer than regular light. Only the purest of hearts were able to look upon the paladin without being blinded. Any elves whom had watched this conflict woudl have seen thousands upon thousands of spirits gathering together to form this powerful light. All the once enslaved souls that Artix had set free over the corse of the war had come together to aid their rescuer. The light dispelled the darkness and caused even Elivana's darkness to fade from existence. she tried and tried to cast her darkness but the moment it got close to Artix it would simply evaporate.

    Artix broke free from his bindings and stood tall and mighty before the wicked necromancer. He held his right hand high above his head where all the light he had collected gathered into his palm. The dense orb of light transformed itself into a majestic spear. It was golden and glowing with a divine light. He took a stance, ready to throw the spear and he finished his chat. "I STAB AT THEE WITH ALL MY MIGHT. FEEL MY POWER. PALADIN'S LIGHT!"

    With those final words the mighty paladin threw the spear with all the strength he had left. But he was merely aiming the weapon. It was guided by the spirits of all the spirits that sought revenge on the necromancer, the spirits who wished to rest in peace. The spear moved faster than light. It was as if the moment the spear left his hand it was already planted deep within her chest. When the spear pierced the yaju's chest, the rage of thousands of spirits ignited inside her. This caused a massive explosion of light to erupt from her body, destroying both her body and her soul.

    Artix fell to the ground with a smile on his face. He lay on his back as he awaited his death. With the necromancer gone, the princess was freed from her bindings. She ran over to his side as quickly as she could. She knelt down next to his body and put her hand on his face. She begged him not to leave her but it was already too late. There wasn't' any magic in all of lore that could save him now. Teary eyed the princess clung to her savior, her tears washed the blood from his metal armor as he lay there. With his final bit of strength he wiped away her tears and spoke to her. "Don't cry for me. A soldier is born to die, but this fight isn't over yet. there's a...." But before he could finish warning her, he passed away. That was the second time the princess's heart was broken by the death of a human.

    With Elivana gone the people were safe. Artix had made the ultimate sacrifice for Lore and her people. And in doing so, his name would be forever remembered by the people of Sanctuary. A brass statue was built in honor of his sacrifice. the royal family wasn't sure what Artix meant when he said the fight wasn't over, However they abided by his warning and kept the books hidden. They were taken to their vaults and kept under the watchful eye of their guardians. they await the day when their power will again be needed.

    Rules of The RP

    1: For an app to be accepted you must have it approved by two people in the rp.

    2: Do not accept an app that is unfinished.

    3: You can be a Noroi or you can be an Esper, you may not be both.

    4: One magic type per chracter unless you have a good reason as to why thy would have more than one

    5: You are more than welcome to create your own magic type or any other sort of power you can think up. So long as the power is reasonable within the rp

    6: You can make as many characters as you like, just keep track of them.

    7: It is ok to make your character a race not on the list of races. What i mean by this is that there are so many potential races that one could not possibly list them all, such as ghosts and homunculi. Both creatures are easily capable of being created within the rp and therefor can be made into characters. So long as the race fits within the theme of the rp it should get accepted no problem.

    8: If you do make an app using a custom race or power type please explain the properties of the power or race thoroughly.

    9: This is really more of a suggestion than a rule. Try to give characters a little room to grow. I know it's fun to have a powerful character but character development is what keeps an rp turning. I'm not saying you shouldn't make your character experienced at this that or the other, in faact the rp needs these character in order to help push and guide less experienced characters. Just don't' make your characters with the idea or impression that this is their maximum potential.

    10: Have Fun!

    Special thanks to wriggle for helping me with the races.


    General appearance: Humans have flesh for skin without any fur or scales to protect them. They have the usual appendages you would expect to find on a man or woman with soft hair in a voracity of colors. (If you don't know what humans look like just look in the damn mirror)

    Ability: Humans are especially gifted in the art of using a sword and shield. While any race can be efficient with a sword the humans have more masters of the blade than any other race.

    Weaknesses: Humans have the most fragile body type with no fur to warm them, scales to shield them or claws to protect them. This makes them an easy target for the other races whenever a human is unarmed.

    Biology: Humans can recover from scratches and small wounds over time. However they can not regrow limbs. Their bones are four times harder than stone in most cases and can take quite a beating without being broken. The average human will live for about 150 years before they die of old age.


    General Appearance: Yun are all beautiful and slender creatures made up of both flesh and plant parts. While some Yun are more plant like than others they all share some common plant like features. For example most Yun's have some sort of flower or leaves in their hair.

    Ability: In addition to any magic type they might have the Yun have the special ability to interact with nature. They can quickly grow a seed and manipulate foliage to aid them in whatever they may need.

    Weaknesses: The Yun are naturally weak to fire and can welt away if left for too long in the heat. Because of this the Yun never travel to the desert as survival in this harsh environment is near impossible.

    Biology: The Yun need sunlight and water to survive. So long as they drink enough water and spend enough time in the sunlight, the Yun can survive off of sunlight and water alone. It's possible for a Yun to consume food as well, however most Yun's refuse to eat meat as most meats will upset their stomachaches. A Yun can live forever provided she doesn't run out of sunlight or water. The longer a Yun lives the more powerful she becomes. Due to the genocide of their race the Yun no longer have males within their race, however a Yun can give birth by collecting enough life energy to make a seed.


    General Appearance:The Jin are a reptilian race taking on scales and and rough hide to protect their bodies. Some Jin also have horns and wings depending on which creature they were based off of. Some jin even have normal flesh with just a few features, such as horns and wings that stand out.

    Ability: The Jin's scales claws and horns make them easily the most durable of the races. Wings give some of them the ability to fly. They are a deadly force in hand to hand combat, being able to tear their foe apart with an assault of claws and teeth.

    Weaknesses: Jins with scales need to shed their skin in order for them to grow. During this time they are left vulnerable until their new skin comes in. A Jin with flesh will not have this problem but nor will they have it's protection. Jins also recover very slowly when injured and can take weeks to recover a single wound without the use of magic. Unlike humans however a Jin can regrow it's limbs.

    Biology: The Jin are a ast race that come in all shapes and sizes. Some Jin are based of chameleons, allowing them to change the color of their skin and be more stealthy while others may be based of dinosaurs or dragons. Each type of Jin has it's own advantages and weaknesses. A Jin can live for 80,000 years before dying to old age. However most Jin die between the ages of 1000 and 5000 due to an unbalanced diet and reckless behavior.


    General Appearance: Regal and graceful, the elves are characterized by their long, narrow ears, slit pupils, and extremely fine skin and hair. All elves are beautiful; even the males, considering the fact that humans call them the “Fair Folks”.

    Ability: All elves have the innate power to communicate with animals and spirits by music and singing. While there are shamans of different races who can understand what the spirits say, only the elves can communicate with them freely. Elves are also very agile. Their sprint is faster than any race, allowing them to leap from tree to tree. Because they’re only just about as strong as humans in brute strength, not a lot of elves take up the role of warriors; most use their sharp intellect or keen insight to become a mage or an archer respectively.

    Weaknesses: Elves cannot lie. They are bound by ancient magic to prevent themselves from lying; the only way they can obscure what they’re saying is by speaking in riddles and obscure sayings. Other than that, they share the same weakness as humans, to a less degree.

    Biology: Elven population grows very slowly, because their culture values abstinancy higher than other races. In fact, their populations have been declining slowly for the past 20 years. Elves, however, live for a very long time. An Elf can live for a thousand years before dying of old age.


    General Appearance: Yaju are humanoid beings with animal characteristics. Unlike the Jin however the Yaju are mostly related to other mammals, the exception to this rule is a few bird like Yaju that live in the higher trees of the forest. Some Yaju are covered head to toe in fur, some only have fur on their ears and tail. some have wings sharp claws and teeth. While some appear mostly beast like others look almost human with just a few animistic traits.

    Ability: The Yaju can transform into whatever animal they represent and move as a beast rather than a humanoid. They can also communicate with other animals and have senses far superior to that of the other races. Their claws and teeth make them deadly in hand to hand combat but their strength is still lesser than that of the Jin (if you turn into your animal form you will be leaving any clothing you had on behind so please keep that in mind)

    Weaknesses: The Yaju while powerful have a harder time than other races learning how to use their magic. A Yaju wont' gain any magic powers until the age of 10, if they gain any at all. However with enough hard work a Yaju can become a master mage just liek any other race with no real difference of power between them. Because of this debuf however most Yaju are none magic users. Either born without magic or with it and without the will to master it.

    Biology: A Yaju's biology varies from type to type. The Yaju take on traits and perks fom whatever animal they represent. A cat yaju would enjoy having heir ears scratched and an eagle would love the taste of seeds. The Yaju have long life spans, not being considered old and gray until their late 80.000's but most Yaju live to be at least 100,000 before dying of old age.


    General Appearance: Dwarfs are small in stature and usually appear to be very young. Ranging anywhere from 5 to 15 years of age in terms of appearance. Dwarfs er mostly humanoid with flesh hair and pointed ears like an Elf. Most dwarfs are short but some of them have been over six feet tall. However this is a rare occurrence .

    Ability: Dwarfs an affinity to magic. They are highly skilled mages who can learn magic quickly and easily. They are also surprisingly strong for their small size, although their strength comes nowhere near that of a Jin or Yaju. Dwarfs arre also well known for their craftsmanship in that they can make powerful armor and weapons.

    Weaknesses: While it's true a Dwarf is stronger thanit may look it's still one of the weakest races in terms of physical strength. A trained Dwarf can become mighty and strong as many have in the past but more often than no a dwarf will lose in a battle of brute force.

    Biology: A Dwarf stops aging early on in its like leaving them to look like small children or young teens depending on when they stop developing. The most common age appearance for dwarfs is 12-14 with only a small handful being any younger than that. A Dwarf will never grow wrinkly and grey but after living for 2000 years a dwarf will die of old age.


    General Appearance: Orcs have rough, almost leathery skin of either green, brown, or grey hue. They have large tusks protruding from their lower lips which are status symbol for the Orcs. Orcs are generally larger in frame, with the largest of them being almost 8 to 9 foot tall.

    Ability: Out of all the races Orcs have the most brute strength, surpassing even the mighty Jin. Orcs however do not have scales making them less durable. However and Orc can still take a hit. The Orcs can lift heavy blades and wear heavy armors, the likes of which could not be wielded by the weaker races. Or at least not efficiently.

    Weaknesses: Orcs are much more susceptible to magic than other races, easily falling victim to illusions. Orcs with magic powers tend to be less prone to this weakness however it's still a very real factor when dealing with an Orc.

    Biology: Due to the the history of the Orcs, their bodies have adjusted so their brains do not send as many pain singles to their body as any other race would. The downside to this however has caused the Orc's lifespan to shorten over time to the point it's almost comparable to humans. An orc can live 600 years before dying of old age.


    General Appearance: Mostly humanoid in shape. Vampires have glowing red or yellow eyes depending on their personality. They have short pointed ears like that of an elf and pale.

    Ability: Vampires have many abilities. They are much quicker and stronger than humans and their power and speed grow the more they feed. The more powerful vampires can turn themselves into mist or bats and invoke thick fog. by using up some of the blood they have consumed a vampire can regenerate their body so long as they are not in direct sunlight. Vampires also have an ability known as the "Mortal's mask" While using a mortal's mask a vampire loses most of it's power including all of it's other unique abilities. the vampire can still use magic alchemy or esper powers but they will be limited to only 10% of their maximum potential. They're eyes and fangs are hidden from the world making them appear to be normal humans or elves. In exchange so long as a vampire wears the mortal's mask they can not be harmed by sunlight.

    A vampire can infect any mortal being and turn them into another vampire at the cost of half of their power. the only way to regain the lost power is by feeding.

    Weaknesses: Vampires will burn and eventually die in the sunlight. If a vampire goes too long or takes too much damage without drinking blood the vampire will die. Silver weapons will keep the vampire from begin able to regenerate imminently causing them to stay wonded for much much longer.

    Biology: A vampire's fangs are filled with venom which they can use at any time. a vampire must feed on mortal blood at least once every ten days to stay healthy. A vampire does not need food, water or air to survive. a vampire is immortal meaning they will never die of old age. A vampire is killed only when they are beheaded or stabbed in the heart with a silver blade


    General Appearance: A Lycan may appear as an average human or a man beast. In their human for a Lycan appears to be a normal human, making it easy for them to blend in with the rest of the world. It's beast form however

    Ability: Lycans are stronger than normal human's even in their human form. When a Lycan transforms their bodies gain the ability to naturally regenerate at an extreme pace. A wound will be cured the moment it's inflicted so long as the beasts belly is full of meat. The more a Lycan hungers the harder their inner beast is to control meaning they will need to feed on human flesh in order to rgain control. They have claws and teeth that can render iron armor and weapons useless but struggle against steel or anything harder. A Lycan's beast form will grow stronger and faster the more the Lycan uses it. Any human who is bitten by a beast form lycan that somehow lives shall become a lycan themselves.

    Weaknesses: Like vampires, Lycans are weak against silver and can be slain by a silver blade. A Lycan will lose control over his power. When this happens even the gentlest of Lycans would kill their best friend.

    Biology: Lycans can eat raw meat and blood without getting poisoned or sick. So long as a Lycan gets enough food and drink it will never die. A lycan can be killed like a normal human in it's human form but in beast for you must behead a lycan or stab it's heart with a silver blade.

    Sub Races

    Noroi: Any persona of any race whom can use magic is of this sb race

    Esper: Espers are people born without magic powers who have mastered their own body and mind in order to gain a power born of mortal strength as opposed to relying on the strength of former gods.

    Vampire Half Blood: Any mortal being bitten and turned into a vampire.

    Lycan Half Blood: Any mortal being bitten and turned into a Lycan

    I will be expanding more on sub races soon.

    Magic Types

    Pyromancy: The power to command fire and heat.

    Geomancy: The power to manipulate the earth under your feet.

    Hydromancy: Water and ice ar yours to control.

    Aeromancy: The wind itself is your ally

    Chronomancy: Make time bend to your will

    Photomancy: Command a powerful light to banish the darkness. Use this magic to heal your allies.

    Necromancy: Darkness fills you with power. Use this magic to control the dead.

    Application Template



    Race and sub race:


    Class: Are you a mage? a swordsman? an alchamest?


    (magic type if any, esper powers if any, can they use alchamy? what strengths do thay have. you do not need to list race abilities unless your a custom race or mixed breed.)




    Ambitions: (not requiered)

    Factions: are you working for any of the factions?

    Character Connections: is your character afiliated with any other characers? Is your character acompanied by any NPC's or pets?

    Notes: is there anything else you would liek to menton abotu the character that was not listed in the application?

    NPC Template





    Bio: (Optional:

    Abilities if any:

    Gear if any:



    Character connections:


    FACTIONS Please note that you are allowed to make your own factions if you please. also not alll factions will stay on this list. If a action is inactive i'll take it down.



    Mage's Guild


    Valkyrie (an assassin/mersonary guild that specialize in the use of weapons)


    A nameless temple in which humans without magic powers train to become espers.


    Hidden somewhere in the forest is a guild of theives lead by a powrful Yaju

    Dwarven Mines

    Battlehammer clan of Dwarves.

    Application Checklist

    Aion Rixtravius page 7
    Achlys Noxima Page 7

    Nera page 7


    Bruenor Battlehammer page 6
    Gelbin Mechazod page 18


    Azeruk page 6


    Sarutobi page 8

    Draven Page 15-11

    Zena page 8

    Tewi Inaba Page 17
    Eatos: page 16
    Molack Page 10

    Nameless page 6
    Kimley "Shacklebreaker" Wickstorm page 18

    Galmaar Redrock Page 11

    Zero page 9

    Lucaia page 30
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      I read the OP post, but I found a redone version of the backstory, so here are my questions.

      Will the races from the original Sanctuary be here?

      Can we use the same apps from the first one?
      Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



        @Kristia: yes and no. I kept most of the old races and added a few new ones. the only race not carrying over are the Abain race since i changed the way magic works. Your yaju character can be ported over easily but you may or may not wish to update it with some of the new.... surprises that i have in store for you. i'll have a fulll list of the races with discription later today


          I'm just waiting for the rest to come out.
          "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


            Update. i have a few of the races finished still have a few more too go. Feel free to check them out and of cores i'll answer any questions you have about them.


              So far it looks like I'm going human.
              "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


                Really? i figured ou would go for a dragon morph. anyway new update just finished the Yaju. Wriggle is working on elf for me so 'll get to the dwarfs now!


                  I did say so far and it also depends on what race YOU think dragon morphs fall under.

                  Is it sad that I already thought of an OC for the Yaju?
                  "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


                    Actually it clearly stated that some Jin are dragon morphs.


                      Hm.......................................... then I guess I'll ask this question. Is it possible to half-breed?
                      "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


                        Yes actually there will be several ways for you to be a race not on this list or a mix between them. however not all races can mix breed. For example it would be ungodly op if you mixed a jin and a dwarf. or a dwarf and a Yuja. I guess it really all depends on how you present it. also if you're curious about what i mean for races that are not on the list just stay tune for the second and third era.


                          I was thinking Human/Jin.
                          "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


                            Human jin wold work fine. actually i have an image you might want to use for such a character. i'll pm it to you.


                              Ok, I read the updated version of the app, surely I'll change the species of Nera to a Wolf, I loved the transformation part and understand the strength/weakness combo, also, the magic part might be still ok, since it is water, could she use it as vapor and ice based too?
                              Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..