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    oh god.. you are bringing the Didact? We will die because of his monologues, he is worse than the Covenant royalty
    Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



      Due to motivation here's a small brain dump of reminder notes and questions points of idk what would happen


      Sahara desert

      Lucina -> Morgan -> Grimleal -> Dragon's Table -> battle ->happy ending or not-so-happy ending



      Time skip -> Chara's in jail due to failed chocolate heist -> ??? -> "DETERMINATION misconception" -> ??? -> Chara does a thing
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        My App


        Name: LilyScarlet

        Timezone: (Mountain Time Zone UTC−07:00)

        NPC Character of Choice: Dark Pit/Pit two

        Game of Origin: Kid Icarus: Uprising

        Power: Being a direct copy of Pit, Pit two has the potential for strength and stamina as Pit himself, able to wield multiple weapons as he desires and is capable of doing some damage if you don't keep an eye on him. Pit two has even gone toe to toe with the godess of calamity at her absolute peak and managed to live to tell the tale. He is also able to sense if his counterpart, is in any danger at all, coming to his aid whenever need be in various ways.

        Weapons: Silver bow (Mirror of Truth's incomplete copy of paletena's bow)

        Weaknesses: One of his biggest weaknesses that he to make him weaker than pit is his inexperienced in battle, he was created much later in Pit's life, causing him to be like a newbie soldier. Another thing to note that similar to hs counterpart, he is unable to fly and has to rely on Viridi or Paletena to help him fly. He also has a lesser version of pit's bow, making them unable to curve as easily than Paletena's bow, which can be a problem in battle.

        Appearance: Pit Two looks exactly like Pit himself, except there are three major differences;His clothes, his hair, and his eyes. His hair is a bluish black colour aswell as his black chiton/robe he wears. His Chiton has gold and purple decorative features and his wings are fuller and more rounded than pit. Most of his weapons are a more incomplete copy of Pit's weapons, with them also being a different colour to allow both Pit and Dark Pit to distinguish each other's weapons, as to not mix them up. The eyes are a more scarlet red, as to impose that he is an eviler version of Pit himself, making him just like most dark antihero versions of characters (-cough cough- shadow the hedgehog -cough cough-).

        Personality: Being a counterpart to Pit, he represents what Pit has repressed for so long. Dark Pit is a more serious character then the pun-filled Pit is, often creating a more dry humor and aggressive additude. He hates being someone's puppet and often times rejects the idea of following the god's and goddesses around him. He is also very cocky and if an opportunity to play dirty strikes, he will play it. He is also quite sharp witted and can deduce things easily, for an example, he was able to notice that it would take multiple souls to create an underworld soldier but at the same time can be fairly selfish, often times resulting in him making decisions that are purely based on his own personal self gain while seeming to be helping others. When he is around Pit, he will wanna fight him, but seems more like a sibling fight than anything, knowing full well that if he were to kill Pit, he would kill himself in the proccess.

        Morality: Neutral

        Dark Pit became alive moment Pit tried to attack the Mirror of Truth to stop Pandora's plan to clone monsters with it. Because of the mirror shattering while the copy was created, he was entirely incomplete and was surprised to see there was a cheerful more dumber version of him standing in front of him moment he turns around. His "Master" calls for him to destroy Pit but due to the fact he was incomplete he turns against Pandora and teams up with Pit to destroy him. After the battle he kicks Pit in the guts and absorbs the residual power left of Pandora herself, making him able to fly infinitely. Now gaining this power, Dark Pit flew off to escape from the clutches of Paletena and Pit to avoid being destroyed.

        Because of what he did to Pandora, both the underworld army and paletena's army were hunting him down, having the "fake" pit chase after him and force him to flee for his life. He always had to end up switching strategies, from knocking down pillars to try and destroy Pit, to using his silver bow to try and cut him down, he was willing to go with any tactic possible to defeat the foe who looked like a dumber more suppressed version of himself. He despised having to see such a fake following orders from someone like a puppet like Pandora was, and revelled in the fact that he had infinite flying abilities. Though afterwards he realized that this Pit ended up quickly gaining the upper hand and had to retreat, but comes back to indirectly help Pit by defeating some of the underworld army and the underworld gatekeeper, much to his own personal gain from doing so.

        He then goes into hiding until much later, after the Aurum invasion, Dark Pit ends up going into a three-year coma, surprisingly the exact same time that pit got sealed away into a ring. After waking up he realizes in horror that if Pit were to die, he himself would die as well, so he begrudgingly helps pit out by going to phosphora, the goddess of lightning, and borrowing the lightning chariot to help pit rescue Lady Paletena from being eaten by The Chaos Kin, a creature who controls and feeds off of the souls of anything. After seeing the creature attempt to escape with paletena's soul, he smashes the chariot into a portal to the creature's lair, allowing Pit and himself to get into the place. He then teams up with Pit, helping him destroy the creature and reobtain Paletena's soul to save her from a terrible(ly painful) fate. Unfortunatly, the Chaos Kin was not quite finished, and in order to attempt to have the last laugh, the creature attacks Dark Pit, sending him plummetting while the creature attempts to destroy him, only to have Pit destroy his wings to save his dark version of himself.

        Having been saved by Pit, and pit close to dying, thus him close to dying, Dark Pit decides to help restore Pit's wings by going to the rewind spring in the City of Souls to restore his counterpart to normal. After he visits,however, he realizes that Hades, the true god of the Underworld, was using the souls of the fallen humans to create his army, making it so that if they didn't defeat Hades soon, they would ultimately have an unbeatable battle, with him having an unlimited amount of soldiers against the limited armies of Paletena and Viridi. After defeating waves upon waves of underworld soldiers, he found is way to the Rewind Spring, clutching the unconsious and dying pit towards the spring. But as he was about to get close to the spring, Pandora's power forces it's way out of Dark Pit's body, going straight into the Rewind Spring, not just reverting her power, but reverting her to her prime state, where she is much stronger then when he first faced her. He battles tirelessly, taking on the same power he was using all this time to let him fly, cursing himself for being foolish enough to fall for Pandora's plans in the firstplace and worrying about Pit's safety the entire time. He does eventually beat her, but it makes him tired to the point where he barely was able to get Pit over to the Spring to revive him back to the way he was, which was sadly withoug his fleight. When he tries to fly again, he realizes that he is now even more like his counterpart. He cant fly anymore! With this Viridi takes pitty on the poor angel and extracts him from the enemy lines as a thank you for saving Pit and discovering the looming threat they never truely realized until now.

        After a little bit to mourn his infinite flying ability loss, he senses that Pit is suddenly in danger again, and being the "nice" person he is (more like being the selfish wanting to save himself person he is) borrows the lightning chariot one more time to save Pit from whatever situation Pit got himself into. He then realizes that Pit had managed to get swallowed by Hades and judging from the god's howls in pain of heartburn, he was somewhere in the heart of Hades himself. Quick on his feet, Dark Pit leaped into action moment he saw his chest explode and sent the chariot straight into Hade's Chest, rescuing Pit and eventually coming with Paletena herself for a quick retreat, having lost the tools they thought they needed to defeat Hades with.

        Traumas: Dark Pit fears death, and fears for Pit's life knowing that if he were to die, so would Dark Pit himself, he also fears he will never be able to fly freely anymore and must always follow the order's of Viridi, the goddess of nature.


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        "If I cut the strings that held me hostage would i fall and shatter?"



          Looks good. D-Pit is accepted.
          Originally posted by S121
          Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.




              I shall approve this app
              Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                Also giving Lu of Elsword (of Lu and Ciel ) to Lily, but only if she wants. Lily can make any changes to Lu personality wise if she wishees.


                  I updated this app with updated lore stuff from the TF2 comics which ARE CANON! Also rebooting this guy by having him restart in Paris instead after discussing this with S1 and Tewi. He was already accepted once so I don't really need to have him accepted again. This was just reposted because of the APP update.

                  Originally posted by SUSTIC View Post
                  Okay this following app is made because I really want to use this guy in the RP. I know I won't be able to use him though until S1 officially returns, but I want this app here just in case.

                  Name: SUSTIC

                  Timezone: EST

                  NPC Character of Choice: Medic

                  Game of Origin: Team Fortress 2

                  Power: The Medic like the other TF2 classes is a human being vulnerable to all things a human is (like a shot to the head can kill him, and he can even be poisoned and whatnot.) However he makes up for with his vast knowledge on human anatomy, and medicine. He knows how to treat a person's injuries, how to take care of the sick, and even perform surgery... albeit he takes too much pleasure in performing surgery on people. In fact healing people is an unintended side effect of satisfying his own morbid curiosity. So much so that the Medic began dabbling with experimenting on souls, and had even 'surgically added' 8 more human souls to his own. Though this may be the case, and even though it probably makes him someone you don't really want to mess with or visit for a checkup, he still is a very reliable ally on the battlefield if he has his special equipment. For if you are injured on the battlefield, you can be sure that he will be there to heal you with his Medi Gun.

                  Medi Gun:

                  (The Backpack the Medi Gun is attached to as seen on the Medic

                  The Medi Gun is a device designed by the Medic. It's chief purpose is healing injured allies on the battlefield, and it does this spectacularly well. The Medi Gun is capable of healing a person who lost a limb, lost some teeth, and hell even internal bleeding and other severe injuries quite quickly. The Medi Gun can literally restore a person's limb or teeth if they had lost some in combat (or outside of combat) within mere minutes. This makes the Medi Gun a very useful medical tool on the battlefield, and even off the battlefield. The Medi Gun doesn't seem to have any ammunition as it can seemingly heal a person as long as they are in range of the Medi Gun. Granted one can still kill a person being healed by the Medi Gun, as it cannot revive people, and it is possible to beat the Medi Gun's heal rate. If someone is completely blown apart then the Medic cannot heal them (for example if the head is decapitated or the brain is damaged beyond repair then he cannot heal a person.) The Medi Gun can only heal people within a range of 20 ft. Any further and the Medi Gun cannot heal someone. Meaning he has to usually stick with a person if he wants to heal them to full health.

                  One special ability the Medi Gun has, but can only be used by people with a special device on their heart is the ÜberCharge ability. You see his fellow allies (the other classes of TF2) have a special device attached to their (or rather to say the donated heart of a "Mega Baboon" as a person's normal heart could not stand the device.) This device allows the Medic to deploy an ÜberCharge in a desperate situation. This ÜberCharge basically makes him, and the person he is healing to be temporarily invulnerable for about 3 minutes. However the ÜberCharge can only be sustained if the Medic keeps healing the intended target. The moment the target gets out of range of the Medic, or the Medic stops healing the target then both the Medic and the target will no longer be under the effects of ÜberCharge. The only other downside to this is that one needs a special device attached to their heart in order to be ÜberCharged, and the only people with these devices are the other classes of TF2.

                  Syringe Gun:

                  Syringes are fired out of the weapon at a rate of ten syringes a second, at the speed of 61.88 feet per second. The syringes follow an arced trajectory, making it necessary to lead a moving target and aim upward to compensate for distance. The total range the Syringes travel before beginning to arc downward is about 18-21 ft. The Syringe Gun is capable of dealing some serious damage, even so far as killing a person if they are stuck with enough of these deadly little things. However due to its range, it makes it a close quarters weapon.


                  A basic metal saw used to cut through a person's bones, and it makes for an excellent melee weapon.

                  The Medic also has a variety of other Medi-Guns, syringe guns, and bonesaws with different perks and weaknesses locked away in storage somewhere. He just prefers to go with the standard set on daily business.

                  Weaknesses: The Medic like I said is human, and despite the skills in combat (and knowledge of human anatomy allowing him to know the weak-points of the human body), he still has his weaknesses. Much like other humans he can still be killed with a gunshot to the head, getting decapitated, having a literal hole blown clean through his chest destroying his heart and lungs, his body blown apart, dying to falling from high heights, and dying due to severe poisoning. The Medic cannot heal himself directly with the Medi Gun, even though the Medi Gun does heal him passively without him actually using it, the Medi Gun's passive healing on the Medic is rather slow and slim and cannot regenerate lost limbs. Meaning he would have to have someone use the Medi Gun on him if he were to say lose an arm or something.)

                  His Medi Gun, and Syringe Gun due having limited ranges means if you can separate a Medic from an ally he won't be able to heal the opponent, and will allow you to more easily take him out before he can do anything. One can easily out run the Syringe Gun if they keep strafing around the Medic, allowing one to stay out of the Syringe Gun's range and eventually get in close to the Medic. Even then the Medic can still easily be picked off by people from a distance.

                  In short the Medic is a reliable ally to have, but if you can separate him from his team then you can definitely lower his effectiveness. Just be careful for the Medic's Syringe Gun, and Bonesaw.

                  The Medic stands at about 6ft - 6ft 1.

                  The Medic at first glance seems to be a rather nice and sociable guy, and he can be. He oftentimes will exchange in small talk with his patients... even when he is performing surgery on them. He can also be a bit polite at times. However the Medic is a bit... insane. He enjoys experimenting on others, and even enjoys performing surgery on people (when they are wide awake, and being kept alive by his Medi Gun on its lowest setting.) The Medic even considers his healing to be an unintended side-effect of satisfying his own morbid curiosity. He still sort of cares about people (despite him claiming to have no compassion for the sick, and lacks any respect for human dignity), for he will heal his allies with his Medi Gun if they really need it.

                  The Medic at times can be a bit selfish or uncaring about his patients safety. For example when he was first experimenting on the Heavy when the Heavy's torso was blow open (the Heavy was alive, there was just a hole in his chest revealing his rib-cage and organs) one of his doves Archimedes had flown into the Heavy's chest. The Medic then shooed away the dove out of the Heavy's chest, and was more worried on it being "Filthy in there!" Showing that he was more worried about his dove's hygiene, rather than patching up the Heavy as soon as possible. He still does sort of care about treating people... He just cares more about satisfying his own Morbid Curiosity on others and whatnot rather than actually healing them at times. Hell the Medic had even lost his Medical License for removing a patient's skeleton while the patient was still alive. So yeah there is a bit of a Mad Scientist within the Medic.

                  Another thing to note is that the Medic is quite a cunning fellow. As he had once actually managed to make a deal with the DEVIL HIMSELF into giving him an extra 50 years on Earth, as the Medic had informed the Devil that he had 'surgically added 8 more souls to his own' and that the Devil technically doesn't own the Medic's soul unless the Medic gives over a majority of his soul... or souls. This worked, much to the chargin of the Devil.

                  Morality: Chaotic Neutral if not borderline Chaotic Good. He may be a Mercenary (or was a Mercenary hired by RED), but he isn't exactly evil. Yes he will experiment, and gladly perform surgery on his teammates and allies when need be. But the Medic will never betray his allies just for the heck of it. Nor will he just go around killing people for no reason... Yes he may enjoy killing, but he wouldn't do it for no reason... Well maybe... So he is a bit of Chaotic Neutral, to Chaotic Good. Sometimes Chaotic Bad

                  Biography: Little to nothing is known about the Medic's past, except that he was raised in Stuttgart, Germany during an era when the Hippocratic oath had been downgraded to an optional Hippocratic suggestion. All is known is that he had been hired by Redmond Mann as a trained Mercenary and field medic for the other Mercenaries of RED Team who were supposed to fight and protect RED (Reliable Excavation Demolition.) During his time as a field medic for his fellow Mercenaries he had developed the Medi Gun, had developed a ÜberCharge device for his fellow mercenaries, and had even killed his fair share of BLU Team members. Life was... pretty good for the Medic during his time as a Mercenary for RED Team.

                  Though at some point a 3rd brother of the Mann family was revealed. Gray Mann who with his intellect, and a robotic army (and other... help) managed to take over Mann Co. The main weapon manufacturer for both RED and BLUE Team. This caused both teams to sadly split apart. The Medic needing a job, eventually joined one of the original groups of mercenaries who were now under hire (for a short time before he was killed) for Gray Mann. Though that didn't last long after RED Team, thanks to Miss Paunling and... other reasons. With that they also managed to find Saxton Hale, President of Mann Co. Of which thanks to his help RED Team managed to bring back Mann Co. to proper business.

                  Then other stuff happened after they stopped the original group of mercenaries and the Medic had joined back up with everyone else.

                  However this changed after the Horizon Incident.

                  When he was brought into the real world after the Horizon Incident, the Medic found himself without a job. At first the Medic tried to get his Medical License again, and almost succeeded... but lost it on his first day on the job as a surgeon at a hospital, much like the first time he lost his Medical License in his world. The Medic then without a job decided to well... travel the world to see what this real world has to offer. After all there was so much to see and do in this real world. For a while things were going decently well. He had the money to travel, but shortly after he sloooowly started to hit the deep end of his funds for traveling...

                  That changed when one day when he was browsing online for some jobs (after all it's easier to look for jobs online now) at a coffee shop in Paris, he found something interesting. Someone by the name of Alphys was looking for aid in research on... souls. Not the subject he's the most skilled in, but the job did show to have decent pay. Besides who else had the knowledge on how to properly experiment on a soul? No one else to the Medic's knowledge. So the pay, combined with the prospect that he'll get to mess around and do some text experiments on some souls, he accepted. Now he's on a small ship the Dr. Wily's island.

                  Traumas: Due to the fact that little is known about his past, I cannot really say anything about his Traumas because it does not mention any traumas. Except for probably the first time losing his medical license due to removing some guys skeleton. Even though this does not really effect him that much. Then again that might not effect him much. After all he's a guy who is willing to surgically add 8 more souls onto his own. So I don't think he'd care too much.

                  This app was recently updated with some info of lore from the TF2 Comics, which are canon to the games. Also doing a big reboot of him by having him restart in Paris this time.
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                    NPC Character of Choice: Tahm Kench, The River King

                    Game of Origin: League of Legends

                    Power: Tahm Kench possesses a few talents, the biggest of which being able to go anywhere, anytime. His hunger is insatiable, and he can swallow a man whole without a second thought. His tongue possess enough power behind it to kill a man, or easily scoop one up. His thick skin makes him incredibly durable, able to shrug off bullets and recover from greater wounds if given a few seconds.

                    Weapons: The only weapon he needs is his appetite, though with the voraciousness he possesses, his tongue can be quite the tool to suck up unwitting beings, especially if he acquires a taste of them.

                    Weaknesses: It's unknown as to what Kench's weaknesses are. None have fought him and not become another gourmet meal. He prefers not to fight regardless, but getting on his bad side is something i'd recommend staying far away from.

                    Appearance: Tahm Kench's appearance varies from stories told, but the most notable appearance is that of a giant bipedal catfish-like creature, many feet tall and wearing a coat and a ragged top-hat. His mouth is said to be larger than a man, yet he keeps his hunger in check. For now.

                    Personality: Tahm Kench isn't innately deceitful, as many believe he is. He keeps a layer of civility and a distinguished nature, but this is simply to obscure his hunger, an incessant thing which is hard to satisfy, and that satisfaction never lasts for long. He doesn't lie, despite what he seems. He simply convinces others to see things his way, or deals with people who have no other choice.

                    Morality: Morality can be considered Chaotic Neutral. He's not bad, not good, but his deals almost always end poorly if his terms aren't fulfilled.

                    Biography: Tahm Kench is said to be a river demon, originally travelling down the waterways of his world and making deals with the miserable to attempt to satisfy his "exotic" diet. He can take you anywhere, anytime, even to a better life or state of being. But eventually, he will return to claim his part of the bargain, and there is nothing that can stop him from savoring the misery he causes in doing so.

                    After arriving in this new world, he hasn't changed. He appears, he makes deals, and always gets his debts, no matter whom he deals with. And he will continue to do so, for as long as the downtrodded, the greedy and gluttonous exist, so will Kench.
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                    Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                    You just discard their guts and keep on driving.


                      A little lacking in the info department.

                      I know for one that for abilities Tahm is also quite hard to put down, not just in gameplay as well. Like he's surprisingly large and does have some rather thick skin.

                      Lore wise the lack of info though is fine for me since League lore can be... finnicky at times. Then again being a demon (and not your traditional type of demons) means you are usually going to be a hard thing to kill. So other than a bit of a lack of info (which Leauge of Legends doesn't go into full detail on a character's abilities, and sometimes only provides a bit of lore for them), I guess it is fine. Accepted.


                        Queue 1

                        Takoizu stuff

                        Queue 2

                        Prometheus Labs
                        Santa Cruz


                        Firestorm Citadel

                        With a nod to the sprite, Takoizu followed The Higher Power and entered the elevator. As she did so, Takoizu readied herself for the manipulations she would have to perform soon.

                        Washington D.C | Skies of Washington

                        As the chaos reigned down below, hope flew in the sky as a rather large number of futuristic looking ships soared over the burning city. Spartans silently waited for drop as they reached their intended targets, neither anxious or scared as they readied themselves to drop straight into hell. Meanwhile, the COM system of the pilots were abuzz as they called one another for status reports and current count of the hostilities. It seemed that all was relatively calm in the sky, but down below was where the real danger was. That, and the tower before them.

                        Meanwhile, Daniel-636 patiently waited for confirmation for them to drop, staring at the holographic status screen, watching what the onboard cameras recorded down below. There was no telling how few people there were left down there, and unfortunately Daniel would not know until much later, for he was heading the assault on the tower itself. All they could do was wait.

                        Mess Hall - Prometheus Labs - London

                        Soon, the trio was at the mess hall, the place they had eaten breakfast earlier, only now it was closer towards lunch. As they entered the large room, Alice looked down to the little vampire girl behind her with a smile and began to speak.

                        "Okay Flandre, just go to one of those vending machines and select the desserts on the screen. From there it's easy, and you can even tell it what to add to your ice cream.", Alice said, slightly leaning down and putting her hands on her knees to be at a more appropriate level with the small girl.

                        Santa Cruz

                        Isaac lightly jumped as the zombified child exploded violently from the blast, painting a good portion of the room a crimson red. He turned around with his Plasma Cutter ready, but saw a very familiar face looking back at him.

                        "You will not believe how glad I am to see you.", Isaac said with relief before looking at the ground. The sight of blood promptly brought Isaac's gaze back up to Lujuria, as if he suddenly saw something he wanted to take his mind off of, clearly the red smear on the ground.
                        Originally posted by S121
                        Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                          Since this is kinda important and relevant, I may as well say it here.
                          A few hours ago S1 and I had a little chat in Discord DM regarding the status of my two major characters, Cole and Flandre. Simply put, I have absolutely 0 desire to post in ATWAG while Cole and Flandre. Permanently, unlike last time. When I returned to this RP, I didn't quite realise why exactly it was I wanted to come back. In typing and having discussed with S1, I have since realised that I only brought Cole and Flan back simply to finish their story. I had no other drive behind it. Though some people may consider that a good enough reason to return, to me it's not enough. As my characters (and technically this RP) are over 3 years old, I have forgotten my original intentions and plans for these characters; not to mention that the original handler of Flandre was since banned.
                          I don't feel any attachment to my characters nor the world that I had attempted to build around them along with you. I partially blame my laziness, my depression, and a few other factors for this. But I wouldn't be surprised if my original plan was flawed to begin with.

                          As of right now, I have 0 clue as to how to deal with this going forward. S1 has already suggested a few options but I simply cannot decide.
                          Smash through the blocks that bar your way; No time for fear, just let it all fall away; Nobody believes in me and you, Just look at the way they stare; So what if we live in a walled garden, As long as I've got you then I don't care!

                          My 3DS Friend Code: 2208-5334-3531 (Ask for Pokémon shenanigans or random multiplayer games)
                          My Switch Friend Code: SW-1503-3394-5328
                          My NNID: OfficialTRXD


                            This is something to give something more to do for Barcelona. Namely for Lu and Ciel (me and Lily)


                            "Stop me if you've heard this one before: Bad guy crashes party, kidnaps princess, makes dramatic exit. Plucky, handsome hero gives chase. Epic quest ensues. But, funny story... Yeah, I'M the bad guy."
                            NPC Character of Choice: Crow

                            Game of Origin: Nefarious

                            Crow, as a descendant of a long line of super villains and the current heir to his families evil fortune, Crow is naturally gifted with a high IQ. Being a villain who is (in)famous for his many different inventions ranging from giant robots, to incredibly durable Power Armor that can withstand the most intense of blows. Not only that but he seems to be a great tactician, often coming up with plans that are usually a few steps ahead of his opponents. This is because he actually bothers to do some research and gather intel before a 'mission'. Meaning that even though he may not be the strongest bad guy out there, he is one of the most cunning and should not be taken lightly. Because chances are he has a plan, or will make one up on the fly to deal with a threat.

                            Something else to mention is that he is quite a skilled pilot, having the knowledge and skill to pilot a large variety of vehicles (whether ground based to air-based) with quite a significant amount of proficiency.

                            Aside from all that he seems to possess enhanced strength thanks to his suit of armor, and more specifically his prosthetic arm. As he's able to carry a fully grown woman over his shoulder without any problem, and combined that with some decent knowledge on hand-to-hand combat can make him quite a serious threat either way when he's within close range.

                            Crow may not have a large variety of special abilities as some super powered villains, but what Crow lacks in super powers he makes up with a large arsenal of weapons. As an evil genius he has made many weapons and machines that have helped serve him quite well. For one his purple armor is a special armor he made himself was built to withstand and absorb massive amounts of concussive force, and heat. For example at the end of his botched plan of world domination where he ended up getting tossed into his own Doom Howitzer, which was something that had the power to make empires bend to his will, the entire super weapon exploded in a gigantic blast which Crow actually managed to survive with some serious injury, but still survived. Meaning he could easily survive getting blasted point blank by several dozen pounds of dynamite with no harm to his body, but something like a nuclear explosion would kill him. Crow's helmet is even lined with two headlamps which he uses when navigating in dark places.

                            His large mechanical looking left arm is actually a mechanical prosthetic he made. With it his strength is increased ten times that of normal, but it also equipped with a grenade launcher built into the arm itself. Allowing him to fire different types of grenades and rockets, and due to the strength increase from it he suffers little in the way of recoil. Sometimes he uses this to his advantage by firing grenades and leaping up above the explosion thanks to the strength and speed increase from his suit, and in turn using the resulting shockwave from his grenades to propel himself further into the air.

                            His mechanical arm is also outfitted with nanomachines that can quickly rebuild himself new grenades rather quickly. Only taking up to a minute for his arm to fully 'reload' grenades. He can only have a total of 6 grenades loaded into his arm at a time.

                            Aside from his suit and his grenade launcher/robo arm, Crow has built many different vehicles. Like the Death Pod, which is an all-terrain hovercraft that can hover in the air, as well as travel underwater at crushing depths like a submarine:

                            He also often outfits the Death Pod with different weaponry depending on the situation.

                            Crow despite praising himself as a professional super villain/evil genius is quite vulnerable if you manage to get past his armor's strengths. For he may be ungodly durable and hard to kill when inside his armor, outside of it (which is rare) he's quite vulnerable. Almost like a snail outside of it's shell. Fortunately it is actually quite difficult to get him out of his armor.

                            Aside from that he might not actually consider himself to be truly evil, as it is possible to actually befriend him (though he won't admit it), and sway him to get him to do... well... not evil things. Though he'll often make an excuse to continue seeming like he's evil.


                            Crow is a man of average height. Being around 6ft 1, if not a bit shorter. Underneath his helmet though he has short, unkempt lightbrown hair.

                            Crow prides himself on being a classic villain. He openly delights in being evil, and values his reputation as a bad guy. As a villain, Crow demonstrates a number of selfish qualities. He's power-hungry, wanting to expand his empire and (was, ever since he got to the real world things have changed) conquer the world. He also shows a great degree of self-aggrandizement, placing statues and decor of himself throughout his empire, as well as modeling his mechs in his own image. This truly shows how arrogant and prideful Crow is himself. Despite this Crow might actually be nicer than his reputation as a villain would suggest. As Crow is shown treating both his minions and his captives quite well, having given some of his captives quite decent living conditions and allows them to pick their own meals and roam his ship freely (though if they fall out of line or does something he does not particularly like then expect him to toss you overboard without hesitation.) However, when the scholar and curator of the 'Villain Musuem' Ben suggests that Crow truly cares about his minions, Crow angrily derides the idea as slander. Showing that despite him actually being a relatively decent guy who can make friends, he still prides himself as a villain and wishes to continue that as his main profession and public image. Which in the real world has been... quite tough. As his affable nature which people have recognized from his game, they seem to like Crow a bit more and find him entertaining. Something which even though it is a tad touching, is still INCREDIBLY ANNOYING to him.

                            One of the more important things to note though is, is that Crow himself is dangerously trope savvy. He's seen and read up on most all evil plans/schemes that villains all over his world, and since coming to our world, the real world as well. Which means he knows almost every evil trick in the book, and even calls himself Dangerously Trope Savvy. This can make him quite a threat as chances are, he knows what you might have or attempt to do in order to counter his evil plans.
                            Crow is a Lawful Evil. Crow has his own standards that he keeps to himself, and even wishes his enemies keeps to. He does not particularly like it when some people, especially the heroes tend to cheat or just seem to treat him as a non-villain. Though despite being a villain and trying to continue to be a villain, Crow treated his empire properly and almost like a business. Giving his minions a Minion of the Month award, and even goes singing with them on Karaoke night to keep their morale up. Though he will accuse you of spouting slander if you bring it up. This means that Crow might not be particularly TRULY evil. Yes he's a competent villain if not super villain, but he isn't a horrible horrible man. For though he may cause and create a lot of havoc, he tries to keep things done professionally.

                            Crow! A the most recent member of a long line of a villainous family, and was the largest threat of the city known as Macro City, a metropolis run by Princess Mayapple (who he can be seen carrying in his image up above), whom he kidnaps on a regular basis.

                            Eventually one day though he during the middle of kidnapping Princess Mayapple, the Hero and THEN boyfriend of the Princess, Mack... had dumped Princess Mayapple saying that Mayapple spends more time with Crow than she does with him. This results in a rather angry Mayapple who desides to go with a rather upset Crow (for Mack, his nemesis just leaving the scene.) After which he and his assistant Becky realized that they never made it that far into their evil plan, and as such continued on their mission for global domination.

                            This mission had required Crow to travel to different kingdoms to kidnap the Princess's (and one Prince because Crow is an equal-opportunity bad-guy), and using their royal magic to power his doomsday weapon the Doom Howitzer. Which thanks to the help of Becky, he managed to properly invade the kingdoms which were under a law which prohibited other villains from other Kingdoms from invading other kingdoms simply due to some loophole's Becky had found and used for Crow's advantage. Eventually he did capture 3 other princess's, and one Prince.

                            However when he was on his way to his evil empire which housed the Doom Howitzer, he was attacked by the evil Princess Queen Tephra who wanted Crow dead and his Doom Howitzer for herself (not caring that one of the power sources was her own brother), but eventually he fought his way through his empire which was being stormed by the armies of all the nations he had invaded, and eventually got to the Doom Howitzer which was ready to be powered thanks to Becky having managed to escape with the Princess's (and Prince) and trapped them in magic stasis crystals to drain their power.

                            Unfortunately during his quest to kidnap the princess's, he had actually grown a soft spot for them and refused to activate his super weapon because he 'felt like the face wasn't scary enough'. This infuriated Becky who thought she was backing a true villain this whole time, and thanks to a few files she faxed, became a princess of her own right (and in turn was gifted Royal magic for a while) to power the Doomsday weapon herself.

                            Things would have turned sour if it wasn't for Princess Mayapple, and the other princess's (and prince) managing to break free momentarily to stop the weapon by tossing in a willing Crow into the top. Which caused a feedback loop when exposed to his armor which resulted in the destruction of his powerful weapon...

                            The Princess's were proud of Crow's mercy and willingness to let them go and stop Becky. Hell Mayapple even hoped he was still alive somehow... Which he was thanks to his armor having protected him, and much to Crow's surprise Becky was to.

                            You would think that Crow was quite pissed about Becky's betrayal, however he was actually impressed and calling it a great move on her part. In fact Becky asks if they were 'cool' after her betrayal, which Crow did admit that he did not hold any grudge against her... Though he still docked her pay which didn't make her happy too much.

                            Ever since coming to the real world however, Crow was quite... miffed. The world Crow had known was gone, and with it his empire was as well. His ship, most of his minions, his mech's. It all was gone. As such he was practically forced to get a regular job at first just to fund some basic things he was building. Though that never went too well.... he was fired from 5 different jobs for being a bit... too cruel to his customers (old habits die hard.)

                            Eventually though he came to grow too bored, and after having everything he needed built... built, he did the first thing he could think of. Research. He began researching about as much of the world as possible. Namely, the characters that exist in this world and several major events.

                            That was when the fateful day had arrived where he found her again. He discovered that his (mostly) faithful assistant/secretary Becky was in the real world as well. As such he began planning things out, and during the chaos and panic 3 months ago during the Devourer Arc, he contacted Becky and after some talking... and discussing some evil business. Had paid for her to fly over and quit her previous job as a lawyer, to work for him again. Unfortunately it took a month for him to get the stuff ready to fly her over to Barcelona, Spain. So they have only had 2 months of time to properly plan things out, and get things ready to execute his first plan. Rebuild his Airship the Sovereign. Though Becky is a bit disappointed, but understanding as to the fact that Crow does not wish to take over the world. Rather he just wants to rebuild his empire and rule over his own nation once again.

                            So far they have gotten most of the materials to build his airship, however they are lacking one thing. A sufficiently powerful enough power source to at least get the thing running. Though they have gotten wind of a succubus who might be able to help them... A succubus with access to Dark El, powerful dark magic which Crow will use to help start up his Sovereign MKII.


                            Crow... has not many Trauma's. He's a villain, and is honestly quite fearless (though he does still tend to panic a slight amount when his plans might not be going the way he intended... sometimes.) But there was one moment... When he tried to kidnap the Dwarven Warrior Princess, Princess Ariella. A feisty warrior of a princess of the nation of Winterdown, who when Crow invaded her castle, had ambushed Crow and rode him like a literal horse. Calling him her 'trusty steed', Princess Ariella forced him to run through the caverns of the nation before finally making it back to his ship. That damaged his pride a bit... but thankfully they did make up a bit as they showed similar interests in different things.


                            This is just one app of two. The second app will be shorter, and will be for his assistant Becky. Expect it sometime soon.
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                              So, Plans arised, found out that Karis from Elsword wasn't on here, so time for some lovely fun times O u O


                              “ Hahaha, soon all of Sander will be buried under the Sand!

                              ~ Karis"

                              Game of Origin: Elsword

                              Power: Karis is a very nimble foe with a fairly powerful ability to control dark magic(she did have two stages of elsword she was dedicated to, aswell as a REALLY annoying title that is no longer accessible.). She also has the ability to summon vampire bats that will drain away your blood. Her main use of her dark magic is often to pair it with her scythe(I'll talk about that later) and attempt to slice at you, sometimes leaving behind a darkness spiral (Similar to Elsword's Spiral Blast.) Though she can summon balls of darkness to rain down and have a mild explosion upon impact with the first thing it touches.

                              Weapons: Her main weapon of choice is her glorious scythe (I love scythes, so yeah, I love her weapon.) It's a fairly standard scythe with a bat where it holds the blade, surrounded by a red wingshaped thing. The blade itself is shaped and sectioned off just like they are bat wings. The hilt is a standard scythe hilt with no real detailing on it.

                              Weaknesses: Like most humanoid bosses in Elsword, she isn't invincible, she may not be able to age, but she can still be killed, albeit she won't be able to die as easy as say, a human, but the elgang defeated her, so it's possible for others to . (Note: I hated fighting her true form, mainly cause it was just REAAALLY annoying to do it nearly 1,000 times for that title.)

                              Appearance: Karis has red hair and red eyes, her hair falls into twin tails that go down to her shoulders. She has a very average sized to her with a regular looking build. She has bat wings, a demon tail and horns that have a dark purple/ magenta/black/silver color scheme to them. Her clothes are fairly skimpy(almost 70-80% of her skin showing), with the the symbolism mostly being of bats. A thing to note about her horns is right underneath them are another pair of bat wings, those these are mostly just show and in no way have any purpose to them.

                              Personality: Karis is a fairly manipulative girl that tends to be smart about her decisions. Being a Commander and the Queen of succubi, she has to take care of most of her army and her subjects. She is smart about her actions and plans things accordingly(she was able to manipulate 2 tribes into blindly doing as she wanted them to, even going so far as to control a tribe next to sander to stop the elgang from getting to her.) and is not afraid to fight when things go roughly for her. She is very loyal to her demon king, going to the lengths of fusing with the behemoth to get her goals fully accomplished for him. Another thing about her is that she is willing to backstab and kill anyone that stands in her way of rising to the top (more later) and will not go down without a fight.

                              Morality: Neutral evil. Shes not chaotic, and she really isn't lawful, but for sure evil.

                              Biography: Before Lu was sealed away and betrayed, it is believed that Karis was a subordinate of hers. When she escaped she was tasked with eliminating lu, tracking her all the way in lanox. She was greeted by a hit-man and in attempting to kill lu, Almost killing him instead. If it hadn't been for Lu and Ciel making a contract, she would have succeeded in her job. When they made the contract the two were able to fend her off and make her flee for now. Around this time, ran had approached her in her liar, the behemoth, and had told her to get her plan rolling along and so she did. She started by destroying the trusted relationship of the harpies and the town of sander by getting one of her lackeys to kill a harpy and leave evidence that a human killed it. Then she approached them and convinced them with her charm and dark powers that this had to have been true since she herself saw it. She then approached the trocks, and had them and their leader entranced so that the trocks would help her with her plans. She then went to a village nextdoor and entranced/seduced them to her side, before starting the plan going. This was to, infact, kidnap the wind priestess, and it succeeded with a few hickups from the elgang, who she was warned about by ran, though she wasn't really worried.

                              Having the wind priestess inside the behemoth, she proceeded to attempt to corrupt her and the wind el along with it, in order to follow her king's command, however, it didn't take long for her behemoth to be under attack by the elgang. She was able to fight them off for a bit, however, she found it would be easier to retreat into the heart of the behemoth. Ego bruised and at her wit's end, she decided to bury Sander in sand by fusing with the holy beast and become her true form. When the elgang came to fight her again, she nearly had them defeated, until add came in for the rescue and had given eve the oportunity to slam a giant robot arm ontop of the hulking Karis, killing her.

                              This, however, is not the end because of the events that allowed every video game character to appear in the real world, Karis was revived. Unsure of her surroundings, armies and territory gone, karis gathered as much information as she could from male travelers and hiding from the elgang as much as possible, having been hiding underground for sometime, hoping that one day she can recover enough of her army to put her plans into action.

                              Traumas: Karis still remembers the feeling of being crushed by a giant metal arm, which hurt like hell! She doesn't want to go through that again and it still haunts her to have that memory still embedded like it was yesterday.

                              Notes: I had to use my information as well as a bit of research for her, she is hard to characterise even when I did another RP with her as the villain. Even then, I was using fan theories in that rp without thinking too far into it.

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                              "If I cut the strings that held me hostage would i fall and shatter?"


                                Here is the app for Becky!

                                NPC Character of Choice: Becky (last name unknown)

                                Game of Origin: Nefarious

                                Becky is interesting in the fact that she's not a fighter at all, rather she's an intellectual who'd rather try and solve problems logically rather than through violence. This can be seen by her work as a secretary for Crow. As she is the one who handles all his paperwork and financial troubles (as well as finding loopholes in various laws/contracts to help her boss.) As such she's quite intelligent and cunning much like Crow, and uses her knowledge to help get Crow out of any legal trouble should the need arise. Despite being an intellectual, she still goes through the trouble to keep herself physically fit through morning exercises. So she's quite healthy.

                                Becky is not a fighter, but if the need arises she will pilot some of Crow's mech's if he happens to need assistance. She also helps pilot his airship (and will continue to do the same when his new one is rebuilt.)

                                Becky is human. Anything that could kill a human could easily kill her. Thankfully she's not much of a fighter to begin with, and prefers to leave the heavy lifting to Crow and any minions Crow might get along the course of the RP.

                                Becky stands at around 5ft 7-8. So she's not too short.

                                Becky is a rather cold, calm, and collected woman who is almost the opposite of Crow. While Crow is evil, loud, boisterous, and arrogant. Becky is evil, calm, quiet, reserved, and VERY serious. She has an prefessional air to her, and prefers to settle problems through legal loopholes, or exploiting the legal system to do evil. She often helps concoct various schemes to help Crow. For example she encouraged him to participate in a 'Would you date a Super Villain' gameshow in their world because Crow's reputation from it would sky rocket (due to the show having 3 million viewers worldwide), and that from his reputation having grown, merchandising became possible which would help fund their plans. She also, when confronted with a problem, always thinks reasonably and often has backup plans in case things go wrong.

                                Her relatinship with Crow though is largely that of 'Boss and Employee'. Becky respects Crow and admires his dedication to being a villain, and prefers to keep it strictly professional. However she does actually seem to... possibly have some sort of feelings, and is willing to date him (despite HR prohibiting dating between employee's, though since she was the HEAD OF CROW'S HR DEPARTMENT, she was able to find a loophole to allow her to do such a thing.) Crow even considers her a friend and might even possess romantic feelings for her and is even willing to date her himself (even though she'll refuse to date him until their plans become a success.)

                                However after he had refused to power his own Doom Howitzer (after begrudingly growing fond of the princess's he had captured), Becky had lost some respect for Crow. Though he is slowly winning her back over in the real world.

                                Lawful Evil.

                                Not much is known about Becky's past at all, just that she served as his secretary, maintaining the paperwork and business side of his evil empire.

                                Though at the end of Crow's plan when he backed down from wanting to power the Doom Howitzer, she showed annoyance at Crow's foolishness and betrayed him. Using loopholes, and exploiting the legal system, thus having made herself the Princess of Crow's Evil empire, and thus allowing her to fully power the Doom Howitzer despite Princess Mayapple, one of the 5 princess's needed to power the weapon, having managed to break out. Thanks to a (thought to be) sacrifice on Crow's part, and help from Princess Mayapple, Becky was defeated and the Doom Howitzer was destroyed.

                                Fortunately both Crow and Becky survived, and Crow actually seemed to be impressed with how professionally Becky had betrayed him. However he did dock her pay... which she thought was a reasonable response. As such they continued to remain 'friends' for the time being.

                                Ever since she found herself in the real world she had decided to try and live a quiet life as a lawyer, which went well for 3 years until she got some messages from her old boss... Crow...

                                The two began to talk, and eventually discuss plans on what Crow wishes to do, which was rebuild his evil empire and run it as it's own nation in this world rather than complete world conquest. Becky wasn't too happy with how Crow wasn't thinking big, but she did understand his reasonings. She met her fair share of super powered heroes, and villains who would have destroyed Crow if he tried to take over the world. Either way after some talking, and a month of saving up, Crow had gotten a ticket for Becky to fly over and meet him in Barcelona, Spain. As such she left her old job as a lawyer dealing with video game characters, and now is working with Crow. Helping him financially, and helping him plan his true first mission... Find a new power source for the Sovereign MKII.

                                When Crow showed reluctance when it came to piloting the Doom Howitzer at the end of Nefarious, all thanks to him having grown fond of the Princess's he had kidnapped (in fact they all considered him a very good friend), Becky was actually angered. Calling him foolish, and calling herself a fool for backing someone like Crow. As such she took the power of the Doom Howitzer for herself... which unfortunately she was defeated thanks to a team effort of Princess Mayapple and Crow.

                                That moment had actually left a stain on her memory and views of Crow. She thinks a bit less of him, and even now she still thinks he's a bit... weak of a villain. Though a part of her deep down seems to still admire his drive and passion for being a villain. As such she's willing to still help him. Hell he's trying to win her over again (and is hoping to get with her if you know what I mean.)

                                Notes: This app is really short because there is HARDLY any information about her. So I had to go off some research and summaries I read up relating to her.