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A Pokemon Gen 5 Easter Egg :D

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    A Pokemon Gen 5 Easter Egg :D

    In Pokemon X and Y, within Coumarine city is a house that a certain Ace Trainer lives in. The Ace Trainer will play "Unwavering Emotions" from Gen 5. Most of you guys might know about it, oh well. I thought it was pretty neat.

    Man, that song, it rips out your heart strings and plays them like a fiddle.

    I knew the song was in the game for the longest time. But it wasn't until I started a new Pokémon Y save that I found out where.

    There's quite a share of nods to past games. Colress, Blue, and a few others are mentioned in this game. In fact, Blue's Champion Theme is locked away in both XY and ORAS. It's only listenable during the final match at Worlds...
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