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    Yay, I'm in the list.

    I'm shobby noob though.


      That annoying feeling when Me, Flan, and Kiri wants to play Coop but don't have a common tier 2 country...


        Never thought I would say a sentence like this in my entire life, but does the Peanut Butter Jelly cannon hurt destroyers?


          I doubt so, I never heard about Shermans shooting out destroyers either. I think it should work against cargo ships though.


            I would be will willing to join some people in this game if possible


              Just remember, the game is incredibly grindy. Progress on getting new planes can be really slow.


                Just give us your WT Name and Nations Playing, and I'll add you to the roster.

                That being said, we organise (sorta) our games through Mumble, and I don't think you're on at the same times we are. If you hit us up on Steam you'd be able to see when we are playing and can join up that way too I guess.


                  I am a mad person.


                    Oh my god, DAT PLANE

                    (I assume that is an end-game op plane)

                    You know, if you know me.
                    The sun, the world, the universe.


                      Partially true. It's very late game, not quite end game (Those would be the jets).
                      The thing about it is, it's flight model is SEVERELY underpowered. It's got decent armaments and speed, but maneuverability is worse than school bus with rockets attached to it. This thing has a hard time trying to follow heavy bombers.

                      It's generally regarded as one of the most broken planes in the game.

                      EDIT: It's interesting to see World of Tanks/World of Warplanes has decided to add the War Thunder tag to their ads...
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                        If you're finding yourself always getting tailed by evil Japanese planes (or any plane in general), here's a tactic I've recently started to use. Keep in mind that your aircraft has to be in enough shape to tank some shots as you pull this off, especially your ailerons.

                        1. Target the plane chasing you using the free-view camera. This should take only a second.

                        2. Kill your throttle, and hit your flaps to combat. Landing flaps are better if your aircraft goes straight to landing settings. This will slow you down pretty quickly.

                        3. Lock-on to the pursuer using right-click and start a roll to the right or left. This will ensure you start to drift a bit and avoid a collision.

                        4. Hit and maintain a yaw in any direction. Your plane will kick its tail out against the airstream and act as a giant airbrake.

                        5. Wait till the pursuer overshoots, then return to normal flight. Now you are behind him and going relatively slowly, which means you can easily see and follow any defensive turns he may make. You can now mount a counterattack!

                        Keep in mind, this tactic works better the closer the enemy is to you. Distances of 300 to 200m are optimal- anything farther than that and he'll be able to see what you're doing, and closer means that there is a high chance of you crashing into each other. In real-life this is known as a High-G Barrel Roll, though in Arcade Battles you won't lose much altitude when performing this.


                          It's actually incredible how many real-life maneuvers you can pull off in this game.

                          There was only one other flight sim I've played that allowed for full flight controls, and that was an old '98 game.

                          Anyway, might as well tack me on the list for America Tier 2 (Cicero_Pennomen)


                            barrelrolls are your friend in counter-menuvers~

                            But getting rid of me in a turn fight is a different story >;D


                              Oooo, I'd crash into you Snow ;3

                              Cause I wanna see everything burn~! >:3


                                Flan is VERY HONORUBU