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The story of a traveler

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  • Kristia
    Chapter 2

    A laberynth cave

    Luca was guiding the team for the cave that she heard of, the forest was starting to end and with time, the team reached the mountainīs base and the entrance for the cave. "No wonder you took extra supplies, for the size of this mountain, the cave must be massive" Kris said looking at the darkness in front of her. Gaspar was excited about the whole thing and looked at her. "Yes Gaspar, you can lead us in this" Kris smiled as the Haunterīs smirk got bigger with more excitement. "Ok you lackeys, from now on you should follow my orders and you shall follow me as your captain, now onward!" The haunter raised a fist at the sky as they went inside the cave.

    The cave was indeed long and had many paths and dead ends, luckily, Gaspar could easily find the correct paths because of his spectral vision. Kris had a torch to help her see their surroundings, some Zubats were flying on the roof while some Parasect crawled on the walls. "This place gives me the creeps" Aro said nervously as he was the one on the back of the line. Celia who was in front of him tried to soothe the Swampert [C"Its ok, just relax and keep looking at the torch" The Gardevoir took one of his long arms and calmed him a bit as the amphibian followed the light.

    "Hold it, there is something over there"[/COLOR][/B] Gaspar stopped everyone and pointed at what looked like a boulder. "What is it Gaspar, it looks like a rock" Lina said getting near him. "Just see" the Haunter floated to the boulder and slowly touched it. Suddenly the boulder trembled a bit and it deformed into smaller rocks that were moving. Geodudes, Gravelers and even some Golems appeared in both front and back of the team "We are surrounded guys" Luca warned everyone while starting another torch and throwing it to the other side, they had an almost full view of the situation.

    Kris was already making a plan when she noticed that Aro was getting more nervous, then an idea came to her mind. "Aro, Use water pulse" Kris said and the Swampert used his powers sending waves of water reaching almost all of their attackers. "Over here! there is another path!" Gaspar pointed to a wall and crossed it, but then the white ghost slammed her palm on it "We canīt cross through walls like you dimwit!" Lina yelled at him as a punch from a near emotionally crisis Swampert passed in front of her showing a big hole. Everyone got inside and Aro closed the hole by pushing a big rock.

    "You were saying?" the Haunter poked the Froslass shoulder "S-Shut up!" she said embarrassed as Gaspar grinned in joy. "Well, guess we will rest here" Kris said making a fireplace as she was taking some food. Aro was saying nonsense in his emotional break down "What if we get stuck or what if we get lost or what if we-" and he fell unconscious because of both Lucaīs punch on the head and Celiaīs hypnosis. "Or what if you shut up?" the Lucario said finally taking a breath. "Letīs hope he stays asleep for a while" Celia rubbed the now sleeping Swampertīs forehead and continued "I donīt feel anything close to us, I suggest you to take some rest" the Gardevoir said and everyone nodded.
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  • Kristia
    Chapter 1

    A morning of beginnings

    As the sun was rising, Kris woke up looking at her surroundings, the forest was calm and she was looking at almost all of her team that was still sleeping

    Aro the Swampert was barely visible in the pond where he was resting, Gaspar the Haunter was floating on the base of a tree almost transparent because of his dormant state and finally Lina the Froslass was lying down on top of a rock that was covered by a a small patch of snow, but Celia and Luca werenīt around.

    Kris got up and started the little fireplace while taking some berries for the group and soon the frosslass woke up "Mm.. smells nice" Linaīs voice was heard.

    "Good morning Lina, the food is almost ready, can you wake up the others?" Kris asked to the ice geisha who nodded and floated towards the Haunter.

    Hm.. another five minutes.." the ghost said still sleeping. Lina moved Gaspar around and pulled him out of his dreams by crossing through the ghost making him shiver. "All right all right Iīm awa- oh food" Gaspar forgot about his sudden wake up call and glided to his food.

    Aroīs case was easier for Lina who only sent a little ice beam to the pond waking up the Swampert. As he got out of the water, the amphibian stretched his limbs and said "Seriously Lina, you love doing that". With that the froslass giggled and countered him "I just enjoy my job".

    As Kris finally got everything ready, Celia and Luca appeared with many berries and different sized wood.

    "Hello there, I didnīt know we were short on supplies" Kris welcomed them and gestured the berries. "We will need rations for the trip since the next city may take more time that we though" Celia answered as Luca packed the rations.

    "Actually there is a faster way to reach" Luca said while eating a berry and continued "I heard that there is a cave that crosses the mountain, instead of rounding it, we cross inside the mountain, it will cut the time we take to reach the next city".

    Both Kris and Celia thought about it and nodded in agreement.

    "Ok then, to the cave it is" The traveler said."A cave? oh this wonīt be good.." Aro said nervously,the Froslass saw him and asked "Oh, is it that you are afraid of the dark?" and the Swampert corrected her "Iīm not afraid of darkness, I am just.. uncomfortable with tight places".

    "Ohhh this will be so good" Gaspar spoke excited for it.
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