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Greetings, travelers

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    Greetings, travelers

    Hello everyone, I have finally decided to make an account on the forums. I am passively active on the server sometimes (read as the server is the only reason I open Minecraft), but I am usually more active on other games, like Warframe or Hearthstone. I would like to be more active in the community though since the people I have met seem cool. My Minecraft name is the same as my forum name, but you are welcome to call me Sam if you think that my name is too silly

    Hi lilguts98 and welcome to Yukkuricraft! This is a simple auto-reply bot designed to help out with some information!

    Make sure to read the Rules for the forums. You can find additional rules for the Server and the Mumble too. Don't worry, we're not that scary! If you're curious, you can also check out what all The Ranks Mean. If you're ever curious about something and need to ask someone, don't hesitate! We're an extremely open and welcoming community! If it's a private question, feel free to ask Remilia_Scarlet or any of the other admins privately! Remember, we're all here to make you feel at home!

    Again, welcome to Yukkuricraft and enjoy!


      Hi. I've seen you around on the server a bit. Nice to see you being more interested in the community as a whole. Since you mentioned it, we do have a share of people on here who play Warframe. If you wanna play with a few peeps from here or just wanna hang out, I recommend getting Mumble and joining our Mumble server. It's a great way to get to know folks around here.
      Anyway, without further ado, I may as well give my introduction.

      I am TRXD. I am the local magical girl addict and resident mod Shaymin. I am known on Yukkuricraft as Luna Child, the young fairy of the moon, and as Shaymin. Although I have been known to occasionally switch out or change on the fly.
      You can find me on here very often but you can also find me on the Yukkuricraft server(s) and also on our Mumble server. If you wanna talk or wanna know about something, I'm your guy.
      Smash through the blocks that bar your way; No time for fear, just let it all fall away; Nobody believes in me and you, Just look at the way they stare; So what if we live in a walled garden, As long as I've got you then I don't care!

      My 3DS Friend Code: 2208-5334-3531 (Ask for Pokémon shenanigans or random multiplayer games)
      My Switch Friend Code: SW-1503-3394-5328
      My NNID: OfficialTRXD



        Do not listen to the shaymin as all that you will understand is pweep pweep :^)

        Jk jk welcome to the forums. I am... rarely on the server. If you ever see me on the server under any name it may be InfiniteRaze most likely. It may say I've been a part of the server for a day or few hours but that is because of frequent name changes. Honestly I've been in the community for 2 almost 3 years. Maybe 4? But I doubt that. I'm mostly familiar with mumble and the forums RP Section. So I'm not very useful :P

        I also have steam and play several games. Stardew Valley, Terraria. RWBY Grimm Eclipse, Warframe, GMod on occasion, and a few others. I also play League of Legends if you are ever interested.



          Yay someone new. Welcome to the forums. Cool to see someone new around here.
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          Molded in the dark

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            Thanks for all the warm welcomes! Right when I say I will try to be more active, I decide to pick up Dragon Quest IX again and now that is currently consuming my life, so yay for renewed obessions :P