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Hello everyone!

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    Hello everyone!

    Heya everyone!

    I'm Eastborn, usually referred to as "East".

    I'm an active minecrafter since the aplha, although im not really a great builder im well versed in all things redstone and play mostly with a ton of technical mods.

    I'm a student 23 years of age in the Netherlands and found this forum trough Leon(99465).

    I am a friendly person but don't start conversations easily over chat (voice isnt a big problem for some reason) so be sure to name me in the chat and hope that i spot my name coming by

    See you all online!

    Hi Eastborn and welcome to Yukkuricraft! This is a simple auto-reply bot designed to help out with some information!

    Make sure to read the Rules for the forums. You can find additional rules for the Server and the Mumble too. Don't worry, we're not that scary! If you're curious, you can also check out what all The Ranks Mean. If you're ever curious about something and need to ask someone, don't hesitate! We're an extremely open and welcoming community! If it's a private question, feel free to ask Remilia_Scarlet or any of the other admins privately! Remember, we're all here to make you feel at home!

    Again, welcome to Yukkuricraft and enjoy!


      Welcome to the (server and) forums, Eastborn!
      Have fun and remember to take it easy~
      If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

      Anyways, good to see another Dutch person on YC. :3
      Nu kunnen we Nederlands praten en niemand zal het snappen, Mogegege~
      Originally posted by Mogeko
      Yummy prosciutto! Praise be to prosciutto!
      Originally posted by Lord Prosciutto
      Praise be to prosciutto.
      ..... I forgive the sin of all Mogeko.
      Release the Yukkuri:


        Welcome to the server.


          Welcome to the community. It's nice to see someone new actually joining the community.


          You are not completely safe. Dutch is still a Germanic language, and I can still understand some parts of what you write.
          Born in the light.
          Molded in the dark

          Never Forget,
          Keep Fighting.
          –Don't Forget.
          Always, somewhere,
          someone is fighting for you.
          –As long as you remember her,
          you are not alone.


            Huh... It's been ages since I've had to introduce myself to someone. Anyways, it's great to see a Minecraft veteran on here. Someone who played in Alpha too. I'm just a late Beta scrub... In any case, let's get to introducing myself to you.

            I am TRXD. I am a well-aged RPer and mod in the Yukkuricraft community and the resident moron. I am known on Yukkuricraft as Luna Child, the young fairy of the moon. Although I have been known to occasionally switch out or change on the fly.

            You can find me on here very often but you can also find me on the Yukkuricraft server(s) and also in Mumble. If you wanna talk or wanna know about something, I'm your guy.

            Hope you enjoy your stay here and may Her Light guide your way.
            Smash through the blocks that bar your way; No time for fear, just let it all fall away; Nobody believes in me and you, Just look at the way they stare; So what if we live in a walled garden, As long as I've got you then I don't care!

            My 3DS Friend Code: 2208-5334-3531 (Ask for Pokémon shenanigans or random multiplayer games)
            My Switch Friend Code: SW-1503-3394-5328
            My NNID: OfficialTRXD


              i have no thing to say but ,

              Welcome to the server OvO


                Hello fellow Dutch person that has played Minecraft during the alpha versions.


                  Welcome to Yukkuricraft, East!

                  ...Wow, you've played back in alpha? Super respect, yo, and that means
                  you get fair warning: if I'm on the server for more than a few minutes, you'll probably
                  get to experience my TERRIBLE jokes, puns especially.


                    Welcome to Yukkuricraft. Please enjoy your stay here.


                      Thanks everyone for the warm welcome <3


                        There are quite a few dutch people playing minecraft huh?

                        Waar studeer je ?


                          Fontys in Eindhoven


                            Hiya East,
                            I'm Nick and well, just Welcome to the server!

                            I also played the alpha versions of Minecraft, heh, good times
                            Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they used to be.


                              Welcome to the server, and sorry for it being out of action.